Atlassian presented exciting updates and innovative tools to improve teamwork and optimize project management in various organizations at Team24. The show focused on improving collaboration and productivity through a comprehensive suite of tools that underscores Atlassian's commitment to unlocking the potential of every team.

Short and sweet: What's new at Atlassian in 2024

  • Standardized project management solution: Introduction of the new "Jira", which combines Jira Work Management and Jira Software into a single platform to serve all teams and improve collaboration efficiency.
  • Lists in Jira: A new feature that offers a spreadsheet-style interface that combines simplicity with the power of Jira to make project management more accessible.
  • Improved Confluence-functions: Confluence has been updated to support different content types, including pages, whiteboards and databases, centralizing knowledge sharing between teams.
  • Loom for asynchronous working: Integration of Loom to facilitate asynchronous communication, significantly reducing the need for constant meetings and improving productivity.
  • Jira Product Discovery Premium: Introduction of a premium version that offers greater transparency across projects, improved access control and accelerated innovation management.
  • API management with Optic: Integration of Optic with Compass for automated API documentation and updates, improving documentation accuracy and avoiding API-related incidents.
  • Extended incident management: Improved incident management capabilities in Jira through the integration of OpsGenie, providing automated alerts and optimized response mechanisms.
  • Atlassian Rovo: Introduction of an AI-driven assistant, Atlassian Rovo, designed to revolutionize knowledge discovery and operational efficiency in companies.
  • Security and data insights: Adoption of Atlassian Guard and Atlassian Analytics to strengthen security measures and provide teams with key data insights for better decision making.

Centralized teamwork through integrated tools

With the introduction of the new product "Jira", Jira Work Management and Jira Software are merged into a single project management solution. This integration aims to provide a unified platform for all teams, promoting better collaboration. With Plans in Jira Premium, you can track the progress of all teams in a single place.

New list function in Jira

The new "Lists in Jira" feature provides a spreadsheet-style interface that combines simplicity with Jira's robust features, making it easy to access for a wide range of users.

Improved knowledge exchange and project visibility

Confluence is the ideal platform for sharing knowledge. With the 2024 update on Team24, Confluence can now handle different content types such as pages, whiteboards and databases. This centralization of knowledge helps teams maintain a coherent understanding of project goals and progress.


Atlassian has acquired Loom, another key component of the Atlassian toolkit. It increases productivity by shifting tasks from synchronous to asynchronous modes.

This shift has significantly reduced the need for frequent meetings and represents a practical approach to the challenges of the modern working world.

With Loom, Atlassian has "made almost half a million meetings superfluous". That's quite a figure, isn't it?

But that's not all. With Loom for developers (including a sophisticated AI), Atlassian makes it easy for your developers to create a bug report with just one click within Loom. You can automatically fill out an entire Jira ticket with the Loom AI. All you need is the automatically generated transcript.


The integration of Whiteboards in Confluence supports teams even better in brainstorming and sharing ideas, all in one place. Whiteboards now have artificial intelligence to improve team brainstorming sessions. For example, when you start a new whiteboard, the AI automatically pulls relevant customer feedback from Confluence and displays inspiring ideas on sticky notes. It also organizes these ideas into categories for easier review. Teams can then vote on their favorite ideas directly in Whiteboard and seamlessly convert them into task tickets with assigned team members.

Advanced product discovery and API management

Atlassian announced the launch of the premium version of Jira Product Discovery, which provides enhanced visibility across projects and robust control over access. This new feature aims to optimize the capture and prioritization of innovative ideas.

Atlassian has integrated Optic with Compass to enable automatic documentation and updating of API changes, further strengthening the toolkit. This integration not only ensures the accuracy of documentation, but also prevents potential API incidents, ensuring the integrity of the project.

Incident management and real-time response

The acquisition of OpsGenie was used to improve the incident management functions of Jira. OpsGenie is now directly integrated into Jira's Service Management and Compass. This feature provides teams with automated alerts and recommendations for handling incidents, significantly improving response times and efficiency.

Instant service desks

Atlassian has introduced Instant Service Desks at Team24 to extend the accessibility of service desk functions to different departments within an organization, including finance, HR and legal teams. This innovation allows teams to quickly set up a service desk with a simple description of their functions, streamlining support processes and increasing organizational efficiency. This tool makes technical support accessible to all, regardless of technical knowledge.

Supporting teams with AI and data insights

What's new in Atlassian Intelligence

Atlassian Intelligence has introduced a number of enhancements aimed at streamlining operations and improving enterprise support. These improvements use AI to provide smarter and more efficient solutions:

  • Incident Management: Atlassian Intelligence now offers an automated summary of tickets and alerts that helps teams prioritize and effectively handle incidents.
  • Real-time recommendations: The system suggests next steps, subject matter experts and relevant documentation to shorten response times and improve problem resolution.
  • Automated division and allocation: AI capabilities are used to sort support requests and assign them based on factors such as priority, location and expertise, significantly speeding up support processes.

More news about AI: Atlassian Rovo

Atlassian's efforts to merge human and artificial intelligence were underscored by the launch of Atlassian Rovo, an AI-driven assistant designed to revolutionize knowledge search and processing in the enterprise.

Rovo is designed to work alongside human teams and provide specialized support to achieve clear goals.

Atlassian Guard

In addition, Atlassian Guard and Atlassian Analytics are designed to improve security and data-driven decision making. These tools provide teams with the necessary insights and security measures to protect and efficiently manage their projects.

For a detailed insight into all the innovations at Atlassian, we recommend the highlight video:


Atlassian's presentation at Team24 underlined the company's forward-looking approach to project management and teamwork. By integrating advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces, the company aims to meet the dynamic needs of modern teams. As Atlassian's offerings evolve, the focus remains on improving usability and productivity to ensure teams can perform at their best in an increasingly digital work environment.

For companies looking to streamline their workflows and improve teamwork, the introduction of these new tools could be a game changer as they help shape the future of work and innovation.