Seamless development cycles: DevOps - Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Accelerate development and increase efficiency with DevOps principles Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Traditional development lifecycle no longer sufficient. Discover how DevOps bridges development, testing, and deployment with Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) to ensure faster releases, higher quality, and maximum efficiency. Dive into the world of automated, integrated, and agile development methodologies that accelerate the pace of progress.
continuous integration and continuous delivery

How often are your systems or applications unavailable due to unforeseen problems or updates? Monthly? Weekly? Or so even daily?

Updates, code changes or adjustments to software and IT infrastructure are often accompanied by downtimes or rollbacks. Users, customers or employees are then usually annoyed because they can no longer perform their work. The lost working time leads to monetary and performance losses and damages the reputation of your company if it happens more than once.

With digital transformation and the shift of key systems, project management tools or communication platforms to the cloud, as well as the introduction of DevOps in your company, it is possible that, for example, with the help of Blue-Green or Quick Deployments an almost continuous system availability can be guaranteed.

Imagine if the world's best-known and most-used search engine were to be unavailable for even an hour due to a system failure. The monetary damage would be almost limitless.

What is Continuous Integration, Delivery & Deployment?

Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Deployment (CD) are core elements of the DevOps philosophy that we at XALT masterfully implement to optimize your software development. Through CI, we efficiently integrate code changes; through CD, we promote an always-ready code base; and with Continuous Deployment, we enable an automated, seamless transition to production. Our expertise in these principles accelerates your development cycles, increases quality, and promotes smooth collaboration across your teams, making your business more agile and responsive.


continuous integration

This methodology (CI) automates the integration of code changes from multiple developers into a single software project. This allows developers to regularly commit code changes to a central build repository for subsequent testing.


continuous delivery

Continuous Delivery automates the deployment of code changes to a staging environment after testing. One of your developers can then decide to push those code changes to live via a pull request.


continuous deployment

CD uses automated testing to verify that changes to a codebase are correct and stable in order to automatically make them live. Tools like Docker or Kubernetes can be used to maintain code consistency across different deployment platforms and environments.

Continuous Integration & Delivery in Action

Achieve continuous availability of your most important systems.
Example - Blue-Green deployment for minimized downtime due to rollbacks or updates.

Status Quo: With DevOps and CI / CD

One possibility to provide systems permanently and to guarantee a constant uptime is the use of Blue-Green Deployments. Two identical systems are run simultaneously in parallel. Only one system (Blue) is accessible for users and employees at any time, while updates, bug fixes or other problems are solved on the second system (Green).

The advantage of Blue-Green Deployments is that one system is always active and after an update or rollback, the more current system is successively released.

Your software developers can use the Continuous Integration & Delivery Methodology to constantly introduce new improvements without your users noticing anything.

Status Quo: Without DevOps and CI / CD

One system, one instance and daily backups. This is how systems look in many companies with which employees work daily or are made available to users.

The problem is that the system must first be shut down before each update and then restarted after the update. Only then can users access and use the applications again.

If something else goes wrong, or the update contains errors, a rollback to the previous version takes place and the system is shut down again.

The resulting downtimes always leave a negative impression on your users and lead to high internal costs and more time spent.

DevOps - Software your customers love

Further advantages of Blue-Green Deployments

Typical problems in your IT department

CI/CD in agile software development and DevOps

For decision makers and system administrators

Every day, your IT department deals with critical issues that can impact the entire business. System availability, compliance with update cycles or the provision of new infrastructure. Learn how to solve these typical problems in this article.

Become a DevOps Champion with Container8 by XALT

DevOps is not an easy undertaking. It is a completely new corporate culture that must be carried through your entire company. With Container8, we provide you with a framework that makes getting started with DevOps, Continuous Integration & Delivery and everything that goes with it as easy as possible.

Container8 - Platform Engineering and DevOps as a Service Platform

What is Container8

Container8 automates the configuration of your IT infrastructure, provides all the tools your team needs for DevOps, and empowers your team to build an agile and communicative culture, breaking down the silos between development and operations.

Our DevOps platform is a flexible managed service that includes proactive tool and infrastructure maintenance and on-demand support.

Some DevOps tools in which we advise you

DevOps Kubernetes

You want to find out how far DevOps is already established in your company?

Perform an initial assessment of your current IT infrastructure, organization and communication structure with our, DevOps Self Assessment.

Are you still at the beginning of your DevOps transformation?

DevOps is not something that one person can do alone. It's a movement that affects your entire organization. To holistically embrace the DevOps methodology, your employees, teams, and your entire organization must be integrated from day one.

Strengthen your team and achieve incredible results

The world of technology is spinning faster and faster and requires constant adaptation of new tools and techniques.

Our DevOps Ambassadors transform your business for good. They empower your teams with new methodologies, constant data collection and analytics to create a consistently positive customer and user experience.

Not only will you stay competitive, but you'll always be one step ahead of your competition.

Better call XALT

Want to get started with DevOps in your organization?

We can help you integrate DevOps methodology and get the most out of your business. Feel free to contact us by phone, email or visit us in our office.

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