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Efficient and agile Project portfolio management with Jira Software

Project portfolio management (PPM) with Jira gives you a complete overview and real-time data about your Jira projects. Recognize at an early stage whether projects are contributing to the company goal as well as potential risks and resource bottlenecks. This supports you in making data-based decisions and reacting agilely to changing customer and market requirements.

Features of our solution for project portfolio management (PPM) with Jira

Project portfolio management with Jira provides you with a valid basis for optimally managing project budgets and resources and ensuring that all projects are aligned with the company's goals.
PPM in Jira offers the following features:

The PPM overview board provides valid real-time data

The PPM overview board provides you with an illustration of the relevant key figures that you need for sound project portfolio management. The data flows automatically from the individual projects in Jira into the portfolio overview, which means you always have the current status of resource utilization, capacity limits, project progress, etc. at your fingertips.

Workflow automation between Jira projects and the PPM overview board

Benefit from the automated transfer of data from the individual projects to the higher-level PPM overview board. This eliminates the need for project managers to enter data manually, which would be necessary with a separate PPM tool. The quality of your PPM data is also significantly improved as the risk of manual errors is reduced.

Integrated solution for resource planning including an approval process

Do you work with resource releases for your project planning? Resource requests can be created and released directly in Jira. This seamless integration not only enables efficient resource management, but also the transparent release of resource requests. 

The added value for you and your team

Transparency for the right decisions

for C-level, management and PPM team

The PPM overview board in Jira provides you with valid and up-to-date information for data-supported, efficient and agile decision-making. It supports you in prioritizing tasks, reallocating resources and shifting focus when necessary to overcome new challenges or take advantage of opportunities.

Project portfolio management also provides you with the basis for ensuring that the company's goals are achieved.

Saving time and effort

for project managers and PPM team

Project managers save time as they only have to maintain their project information in Jira. The information from the projects is automatically transferred to the PPM overview board. The work involved in maintaining a separate PPM tool is eliminated.

The PPM team no longer has to prepare separate presentations for management meetings. All information is available via the PPM overview board in Jira, where the individual project details can also be viewed live and directly.

Success Story: Project portfolio management and resource planning with Jira Result 50% less planning effort for project managers Why portfolio management? Project portfolio management is the process of...

Our services at a glance


Joint evaluation of your requirements for a project portfolio management solution.

Hierarchy structure

Establishment of a hierarchy structure so that portfolio management can be mapped above the individual projects.

PPM overview board

Setting up the overview board in Jira to display all projects with relevant key figures.


Implementation of workflows and definition of new issue types (e.g. for monthly reporting, project planning with resources).


Creation of automations so that the necessary information from the projects is automatically available in project portfolio management.

Resource planning (optional)

Implementation of the solution for resource planning including a release process.

Maximize your success with project portfolio management in Jira

Unleash your company's full potential with our project portfolio management in Jira. Our customized solution not only offers you transparency and efficiency, but also decisive advantages to exceed your goals.

Accelerated decisions

Thanks to the automated PPM overview board in Jira, you can make well-founded decisions based on up-to-date data. This allows you to react quickly to market changes and align your company in an agile way.

Optimized use of resources

Our integrated solution enables precise resource planning, including an efficient approval process. This ensures that your projects run smoothly and that resources are used optimally.

Time savings for your team

Your PPM team and project managers save valuable time by seamlessly integrating project information into Jira. No more hassle with separate tools - everything you need is directly available in the PPM overview board.

Customer focus and market adaptation

Shorten time-to-market and increase competitiveness by reacting quickly to customer and market requirements. Our project portfolio management with Jira enables you to always be one step ahead.

Are you ready to put your project portfolio on the road to success?

Efficient project portfolio management allows you to
Shorten time to market, increase competitiveness
and react more quickly to customer and market requirements.
We have successfully implemented project portfolio management solutions with Jira for our customers and are happy to support you in increasing the potential of your project portfolio management.
Contact us for a more detailed introduction to our
PPM solution with Jira.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the introduction of portfolio management.

Why is the introduction of a PPM strategy important?

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), 94% of high-maturity organizations have seen a noticeable impact after implementing a PPM strategy. This underlines the importance of implementing an effective portfolio management strategy.

What are the financial benefits of best project management practices?

According to the PMI Pulse of the Profession Report, organizations that invest in best project management practices save 28 times more money by successfully completing a greater number of their strategic initiatives. Financial benefits are therefore a compelling argument for implementing portfolio management.

What strategic advantages does portfolio management offer?

Portfolio management supports strategic alignment by harmonizing projects with the company's long-term goals. This ensures that all activities contribute to achieving the overarching goals.

How does portfolio management contribute to informed decision-making?

Portfolio management enables well-founded decision-making, especially when allocating resources and prioritizing projects. The clear view of planned work helps to make strategic decisions for the success of the project.

To what extent does portfolio management support the creation of realistic operating budgets?

Portfolio management helps to prepare realistic operational budgets as it provides a clear view of planned work. This transparency is crucial for budget planning and control.

How does portfolio management enable resources to be shifted to where they are most urgently needed?

Portfolio management plays a crucial role in efficiently shifting resources to where they are needed most. This leads to an optimized use of resources and improves project results.

What impact does portfolio management have on investment returns?

Portfolio management can increase the return on investments. Strategic selection and prioritization of projects helps to increase overall success and profitability.