We create IT solutions that bring products/applications/software to market faster and bring teams closer together. This allows us to constantly expand our knowledge and achieve progress - for our customers and for us.

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Get to know Team XALT
Get to know Team XALT
Get to know Team XALT


They are the wizards of our Atlassian universe. Using Jira and Confluence as magic wands, they solve every puzzle before you can say "bug".


When the cloud looks like a thunderstorm, they are there to save the day. They see in code what others see in constellations - patterns, solutions and sometimes the unknown.


They are the creative engine of our company, and their drive is infectious. So infectious that it permeates all departments and inspires each and every one of us to think outside the box.


Our everyday heroes in the background. They keep the wheels turning, whether it's about finances or finding the best talent for us.

At XALT, we solve real-world problems with innovative software solutions, reducing complexity for our customers and allowing them to focus on their business."

DevOps Engineer

What we offer you - our benefits

We want you to be able to work independently and feel comfortable in our team. We have tailored our Perks & Benefits precisely to you and your needs. This allows you to focus on the essentials and keep developing. This approach ultimately leads to growth and autonomy, so that you can approach our customers as a partner at eye level.

Remote work and flexible working hours

Flexible working hours & hybrid work

30 days vacation

30+ days vacation

Mental Wellbeing Budget

50 € Mental Wellbeing Budget

Team Events

Team Events

Choose your equipment

Choose your equipment & technology

Modern Offices

Modern offices

Career & Skill development

Career & Skill Development

Co-Design & Open Communication

Co-design & open communication

We know that everyone is unique, which is why we offer you the flexibility you need for your daily routine.

Working hours and time off

Flexible working hours: Don't work by the hour, work when you are most creative and have the most energy.

Your decision

Remote work, home office, office. Work where you feel most comfortable. If you have an internet connection, you're ready to go.

30 days paid vacation plus an additional flexible day off for special occasions

TeamXALT Career and Culture

We want you to feel good; mentally and physically

If you have a problem, we are always here to help.

Choose the tasks that make you happy

Don't waste your energy on tasks that don't suit you. We can always discuss other options.

Mental wellbeing budget of €50 per month

We support you with an additional budget of €50 per month for your mental well-being. Whether it's a gym membership, new running shoes, an Amazon voucher or a delicious lunch. You decide what you spend it on.

Order your favorite drinks

Whenever you're in the office, you can order your favorite drinks to keep your energy levels high.

Team events & more

As we mainly work remotely, we still meet regularly in person for team events to get to know each other better and work together. We also like to work together in the office to brainstorm or start a new project.

When you grow, XALT grows

You are unique; that's why we develop a personalized development plan for you and your career. This includes certifications, conferences, courses and more.


To keep your expertise up to date and strengthen our partnerships, we cover all costs and help you acquire all the certifications you need and support you along the way (e.g. Google Cloud Architect, AWS DevOps Engineer, Cloud Practitioner, Atlassian Certified Expert).


To keep up to date with the latest tech trends, you can attend conferences around the world (e.g. Atlassian Team, DevOps Enterprise Summit, OMR, CMCX).

Courses and personal training

Depending on your role, you can book various courses (e.g. language courses, skills, and more). To further expand your expertise, you can also use our shared Udemy account and with our company account at Audible you also have access to audiobooks.

A supportive environment

We offer you an environment that enables you to work independently and autonomously.

At XALT we work closely together #TEAMXALT

We support you

We encourage everyone to proactively participate in the development of XALT. That's why we provide modern communication channels such as Slack, Google Meets and Confluence so you can communicate easily and without hesitation with our customers, your team and our founder. This encourages communication and information sharing to reduce the complexity of our tasks and projects and realize our vision.

One team

At XALT, you work as a team and not in a hierarchy. You can contribute your strengths, take responsibility, make mistakes and help shape XALT. As a person, you are the center of attention and can be who you are.

You are never alone

We work together on challenging projects that allow us to create something new, shiny and breathtaking that you wouldn't have thought of on your own. At XALT, you are never left alone with your challenges and we encourage you to ask your teammates for help if you feel lost.

XALT - Where technology and team spirit meet

Our dynamic team lives for innovation and progress. We always use the latest, market-leading tools and solutions to continually redefine the boundaries of what is possible. Our culture is not only at the heart of what we do, but also what drives us to inspire our customers and achieve breakthrough success together.

Tech we use

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What does your tech stack look like?


We love to work with the Atlassian SDK, Vanilla JS, jQuery (legacy), React, Atlassian UI-Kit for the frontend development of our Marketplace apps.

For backend development we use Java, Kotlin as well as Python and Go. Other tools & platforms of our choice are IntelliJ, VSCode, GitHub + GitHub Actions, Bitbucket, Bamboo, AWS


Apart from that, we use different tools for our daily work, and you are always free to introduce new tools or work with the tools you are familiar with. The whole team uses Atlassian Confluence (as our intranet and knowledge base), Jira (for task tracking), Slack (for internal & sometimes external communication). Depending on the client, we may also use Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

We also use various extensions to optimize our collaboration and way of working, e.g. Meetical for Confluence or Clockwise.

Presentations & creative work

For design and other creative work, we mainly use Google Slides together (for presentations), Figma (for website prototyping), Miro (for visual collaboration & whiteboarding) and Adobe CC. Our videos are edited in Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects.

What if I need a plugin or a license for software?
We buy you the software or licenses you need to work. Alternatively, you can use your company credit card to make your own purchases 😉
Who are your customers?

We work with customers in a wide range of industries, e.g. BSH, EEX, AKDB, DAV etc.

How does TEAMXALT work together remotely?

We have several regular meetings, which can range from daily meetings on customer projects to semi-regular internal workshops.

Team XALT meets twice a week in a sync to talk about what everyone has achieved in their customer projects and to update each other.

We also have a short daily "blocker sync" in case you need to address a blocker and need help from the team. Of course, you can also ask us directly and solve blockers.

Is travel required or expected?

No. Sometimes it can make sense to visit customers, but there is no general rule. We have team building events and anyone can attend. We also like to visit conferences (e.g. Atlassian in Las Vegas, KubeCon in Amsterdam, etc.), but this is optional. If you ever travel, we will of course cover the costs.

What working time models do you offer?
You can choose whether you want to work full-time (40 hours) or part-time (20-40 hours). You can organize your hours flexibly as long as it is agreed with the team and customers.
What does "work-life balance" mean for Team XALT?
For us, work-life balance means that you can organize your working hours yourself and have more time for your family and hobbies, for example. You can also work from anywhere.

Still have questions?

Or are you not sure whether the position is right for you? If you have any questions about the position or about us, please contact Clémentine.

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We are convinced that we can only achieve our goals if everyone in our team approaches their work with curiosity, transparency and progressiveness and is prepared to challenge the status quo.
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