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XALT builds DevOps, IT infrastructure solutions and enables teams to collaborate efficiently. We're helping companies release digital products faster, bring teams together, and foster digital transformation.

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Our customers are some of the most innovative and aspiring organizations in the world. They range from manufacturing, financial, e-commerce, and government institutions. Previously, they had to manually release and test software and make sure that everything was compliance-ready and secure. The lack of the right tools, corporate culture, and mindset made collaboration between departments and teams difficult. We are doing the difficult, but imperative work of building DevOps and collaboration solutions – so organizations and teams can concentrate on creating real value for their customers and users.

We take huge leaps to achieve our mission, but we're still just at the beginning and have a lot of work to do before we're done.

This means that you have an unprecedented opportunity to help us simplify complex IT problems and enable organizations to build the product their users and customers love.

XALT is Digital First

Achieve anything - at home and at work

XALT is a digital-first company. This means that all of our team members work primarily remotely and hybrid. In order to enable team collaboration, we have "Conversation Spaces. set up where the entire TEAM XALT can come together, brainstorm and work together on the next solutions for our customers.

The challenges we’re up against

Our customers entrust us with the responsibility of managing their software environments and IT infrastructure. Our goal is to live up to this trust every day. We do this by Co-pilots are on the journey of our customers.

Fostering change requires us to challenge the status quo

At XALT we're not afraid of real challenges. Challenges that need us to break our own boundaries and require us to think rigorously. We want our team members to be fierce and unafraid to be wrong, to challenge the status quo, and use precise data to back their decisions. Breaking boundaries forces us to operate in situations of substantial uncertainty so we can neither afford to be timid nor reckless.

We're excited to solve problems of the future

Problems that go far beyond our current expertise are what motivate us most.
These problem sets allow for incredible personal growth for all who become part of XALT. When you join us as a new team member, we are ready to give you broad responsibilities at every stage of your career. Provided you demonstrate the ability and desire to handle them. We enable everyone - from senior to intern - to solve tomorrow's challenges.

Tobias Koch, Atlassian Consulting

What I really appreciate at XALT is the open communication and the freedom to actively participate. This has shaped my early days in particular and has brought me a lot further personally.

As in any startup, the initiative was initially required to contribute one's own ideas, to design processes, and implement opportunities for improvement.

Be yourself while being part
of our team

We strive to be the change we want to see at work. Our goal is to operate in such an inclusive way that you can be your true and authentic self in the workplace every day and feel comfortable while doing so.

Your life, your job, your career

We accompany you on your personal career path and support you financially and mentally. At XALT, you have the opportunity to play a significant role in shaping the future of the company.

We love to think outside the box

Nothing is set in stone and we challenge everyone on our team to rethink and redefine how we approach projects and the way we communicate with our customers. Got a new idea? Build a prototype and test it. It's that simple.

We're fully transparent and cherish our flat hierarchies

Want to know how our consulting team works on projects? Just ask and join our meetings. We encourage everyone to make critical progress. We're looking for team members who tirelessly ask "Why?", search for better solutions, and challenge us every day. 

Diversity and inclusion are part of our mission

Our responsibility is to cultivate an equitable, diverse workforce. Our goal is to create an environment that invites a diverse range of ideas and opinions. However, we realize that it will take time and effort to accomplish this. We are ready to take the initiative and make it happen.

At XALT, it is essential that we are open to all different voices and opinions. Diverse perspectives allow us to continue to innovate in our fields. Diversity at XALT means that we support all of our employees and trust them to make the most important decisions for themselves in their daily work.

We believe that our employees can grow successfully through diversity of opinion. We encourage everyone to contribute on a daily basis and to communicate their ideas openly.

Help us revolutionize the world of DevOps and how teams collaborate.

For us, a cultural fit is just as important as the right set of skills. Our belief is, that we can only succeed in our goals if everyone on our team is curious, rigorous, and reflexive about their work and wants to break boundaries. We love to answer all your open questions about opportunities and how we operate. Feel free to send us a message or apply for a job down below.

We are dedicated to nurturing a culture of respect and trust, pushing for high standards and leave lasting impressions in every project we finish.

Ownership & Impact

Ownership and impact

At XALT we have crazy aspirations and become one of the leading IT Consultancies in Germany. Whenever we focus on a new project, we own it and drive it forward until it's completed. We have smart people who prosper in their work — who start with a blank screen, grind until it is ready, and then polish until it is outstanding.

One prototype is worth more than 1000 meetings

We believe in getting things done. You have a cool idea? Build a first prototype, write a first draft or design a new app. Rather than just talking about it, we focus realization and implementation. Since, we all know, no one ever went to the moon by just talking about it, right?

Learn and evolve

We believe in challenging the status quo and want to improve every day. The world is constantly changing, and new technologies and tools emerge from out of nowhere. At XALT we don't hang onto traditional approaches but adopt new possibilities every day to improve the way we work and consult our clients and customers.

Tech we love and use daily

Our team cares deeply about their work. That's why we provide the best tools and solutions we can find to achieve our goals.

Tools we use

Here are a few of our cool benefits

Personal growth

We grow as a company while you grow personally and professionally

Team Activities

Whether it's hiking, boating, eating and drinking after work, rafting, climbing - we always look forward to doing things together.

Flexible & remote working

Work when and from where you feel most comfortable - whether at home or in one of our offices


We get you all the tech you need to feel comfortable. Whether MacBook, monitor, office chair for home office, etc..

As a DevOps

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We love our work at XALT and we believe you will too.

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