Jira and Confluence Authorization Management

Our solution helps you to master the growing requirements of user access and authorization management in Jira and Confluence.

Jira and Confluence Authorization Management

Features and Benefits

The most important benefits of our Rights Management solution


Scheduled Administration

The administration of User and Group rights is a regular and necessary task. If all groups and roles are manually updated, User authorization management is extremely burdensome.


It's faster

With our authorization management solution, this process can be significantly simplified and accelerated. It also enables all users to request access rights via the Jira issue workflow.


Using the solution

Approval process

Assuming users without Jira license, for example, developers, need acess to a Jira project, such as "Jira Add-on Development".

The responsible project leaders are informed of the authorization request and can accept or decline.

In this case, a second Jira ticket is automatically created and the responsible Jira license admistrator is informed. If the administrator of the authorization request approves, the user is automatically inserted into the group.

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You can get an overview of the entire ticket history in which you can use a pre-defined Jira filter.

If your team uses Confluence, automated documentation can also be set up for your desired Confluence pages.

For the most optimized organization of authorizations, it always remains visible to you which users have which access. 

That way, it's certain that users retain access to exactly the information that they need for their work and which is specifically for them.

Make it work for you

Depending on the size of your company, your different teams and the type of Jira projects, different requirements are necessary for your authorization management We help you to find the very best solution.

Practical Test of the Features

You want to learn more about our authorization management solution? Check out the features yourself in one of our test systems.

Accompanying introduction

It's our goal to help you with the implementation of your desired solution. For that, we will provide you with a shared umbrella of support and accompany you on the introduction of the solution.

Additional support

You can turn to us any time to learn more about our user authorization management. We gladly offer you a complimentary initial consultation. And a new customer discount of 25% !

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Master your access and permissions management

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