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Whitepaper: Security in the Atlassian Cloud with Zero Trust

Zero Trust - More security for your team, your IT and your company in the Atlassian Cloud

Your security model for the modern workplace and your Atlassian cloud apps. Protect your business at every endpoint and for every user, whether they are inside or outside your network.

98% of the apps used by your team are shadow - IT - and out of your control

Digitization and cloud solutions are omnipresent and can lead to serious security problems and vulnerabilities within your IT. A mature security concept proves to be a major challenge. 

Is your Atlassian Cloud already secured?

Develop a deeper understanding of cloud solutions with our comprehensive guide and learn how Zero Trust can help you protect your business, IT and team more effectively from external factors.

Cloud Migration
As simple and safe as never before

Cloud Migration and Security

Security and compliance

With a cloud solution, you maintain the security and privacy policies you've made. You always have complete control over access and sharing policies, both inside and outside your organization.

Work more efficiently and productively

With a cloud solution, your teams can collaborate and share projects in a centralized work environment. This increases the productivity of all participants.

Availability - At any time and any place

All employees of your company can access and work together on project-relevant content at any time and independent of their respective location.

Atlassian Service Support

Advantages of cloud solutions for your company


Do you need end-to-end support to implement your IT environment in the cloud?

Our team of experts can draw on years of experience in IT and migration consulting and strategic planning, and are well versed in mitigating cloud implementation challenges. Contact us for advice on cloud solutions, their core features and capabilities.

About XALT

XALT History

Innovation since 2016

Our company was founded by Philipp Göllner as external innovator for software teams and has since then developed into a growing IT implementation partner.

After four successful years, we were able to help numerous companies and institutions with the implementation of cloud / DevOps methods, develop further in the Atlassian partner program up to "Gold Solution Partner" status and grow to a company size with several locations and diverse teams .

Customers we work with

Our customers

We accompany and support our customers as experienced project co-pilots from the beginning of their journey until they have safely and successfully reached their stated goals.

Your company in the cloud

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