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XALT: Where innovation, inclusion and individuality lead to success

Focus on our core values

Even though we are always evolving and expanding at TEAM XALT, our core values and corporate culture remain at the heart of everything we do.

We're customer centric

We expand our knowledge through projects with our customers and thus achieve progress. Customer satisfaction is always the focus of our attention

We're progressive

We achieve progress and further development by always using the latest technologies and by looking for individual solutions with an innovative mindset.

We do and don't talk

We have a hands-on mentality and quickly develop an MVP, providing our customers with a competitive advantage.

We enable

We create all the conditions to enable our customers and employees to act independently and generate impact. To do this, we create flexible structures and processes, use state-of-the-art technologies and form a team of people who support, trust and value each other.

We care

We do not leave our customers alone in the implementation process, but are an active part of the customer team to get the best for them. Together we solve problems.

Big goals need great teams

We work agile and consciously without hierarchies to achieve our goal together. #NoBulls#!tCulture

We search humans, not skill sets

With us, everyone can be who they are and contribute to our joint success with their experience. The only important thing is that his or her mindset fits in with ours.

XALT: Where innovation, inclusion and individuality lead to success

At XALT, there's no one constantly looking over my shoulder and telling me what to do. But that's exactly what I was looking for: Taking responsibility, making mistakes, being persistent and helping to shape a company where the focus is on people and not on the next quarterly result. Here I can be who I am.

Hierarchy? Nah, we trust & boost

We cultivate a culture of mutual respect and appreciation and refrain from political power struggles in favor of a supportive, equal environment.

Choose Your Path, We Won't Choose It For You

At TEAM XALT, we value self-determination and freedom and give our team members the opportunity to decide for themselves how they want to work best and how they want to develop

Sticking together as one team

Our team thrives on cooperation and mutual support. We always have an open ear for questions and suggestions and are proud of our strong sense of togetherness.

Grow with us & Leave your mark

We offer unlimited opportunities for personal and professional growth and ensure that everyone's work has a significant impact and that they are more than just a number.
XALT Team DevOps

Bring your unique self; We're all different

We celebrate diversity in all its forms and value the unique perspectives and experiences that each team member contributes to our collective performance. At TEAM XALT, everyone is welcome for who they are.

The fascinating thing about the people at XALT is that they are like the Lego bricks: Everyone is different, some are small and shiny, some are solid and gray, but all are fantastic.

Senior Atlassian Consultant

We think globally

Ready to conquer the world? At TEAM XALT, we deal with diverse and challenging projects that are implemented worldwide. We know that diversity and innovation drive technological progress. That's why every project with us is not just a task, but an opportunity to think big, innovate, and leave a lasting impression on our clients around the world.

We use the latest technologies

We are passionate about using the latest technologies. At XALT, we make sure you're equipped with the latest technologies so you can stay at the forefront of industry innovation and best support our clients. We recognize your drive for excellence and give you the tools to achieve it.

XALT: Where innovation, inclusion and individuality lead to success

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We want to revolutionize the world of Atlassian, DevOps with you

We are convinced that we can only achieve our goals if everyone in our team approaches their work with curiosity, transparency and progressiveness and is prepared to challenge the status quo.
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