Knowledge management with Confluence

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A company's greatest asset is the knowledge of your employees. But much of it is seen as general knowledge and rarely made accessible to everyone. Learn how to provide, organize and harness knowledge for your entire team in our webinar - Knowledge Management with Confluence.

Knowledge management with Confluence

Expert advice from our knowledge management specialist

One of the smartest people of all time once said, "Intelligent people don't always know the answer to a question, but they know where to find it." Did you know that Albert Einstein had to consult a phone book to find his own phone number? Making knowledge available to all employees in a structured way and making it usable is essential for global companies. 

Fabienne Gerhard

Consultant for Knowledge Management & Confluence

The webinar at a glance

What is Knowledge?

How can knowledge be defined in a company and what does it actually mean to provide knowledge? Don't forget - knowledge is the most important capital of a company.

What is knowledge management

What is knowledge management?

Learn how to prepare knowledge for your employees and make it usable. How do you get information from simple data and then generate knowledge from it?

Share knowledge in Confluence

This is how you make knowledge available to your entire company and your teams in Confluence.

Start with knowledge management

How to start - Start right

Starting with knowledge management is half the battle. This is how you proceed systematically and in a structured way.

Knowledge management with Confluence

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Share existing knowledge of your employees and teams in Confluence.

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Webinar - Knowledge Management with Confluence

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