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Images editing in Confluence

Advanced Image Gallery

Our plugin helps you to organize, select and edit photos inside a Confluence page. With the plugin, a new macro for Confluence becomes available which makes it possible to select and crop pictures with characteristics such as display type, width and height, caption and copyright.

Structuring in Confluence

Advanced Tab Navigation

Advanced Tabs is our user plugin for structuring and grouping content in multiple individual tabs. Inside a unique page, you can structure content. This serves as a simpler usability and an improvement of user friendliness. Fewer pages need to be created and the content can be called up with one simple click. 

XALT Advanced Tabs Navigation
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Take a look at our other free plugins for Confluence and Bitbucket in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Confluence Status Macro

Status Macro - Insert Page Status

Organize and classify your Confluence pages. Use our Status Macro to designate the content and insert the Project status in your pages.

Confluence Page List

Page List - Pages without Keywords

Organize and navigate between various Confluence pages in a single area. Show only problem pages, in which a specific keyword is missing.

Project Size List list in Bitbucket

Project Size List for Bitbucket

Use the XALT Project Size List Macro for Bitbucket to capture and list all projects with their current diskspace.

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For better understanding of the benefit of our plugins, we have created documentation and support pages. On these pages, you will find information on which functions the plugin contains, how to use the plugin properly and where you can make contact if a problem or bug comes up.

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