Self-service portal for business teams

Avoid disrupting workflows with a self-service portal

Increase the autonomy of your employees, improve compliance and security standards and promote transparency across business processes with an intuitive platform that centralizes information, tools and services.

Common challenges faced by business and IT teams without self-service

Managing the huge volume of administrative tasks and processes

Teams from different departments lose valuable time and productivity due to the amount of administrative tasks and cumbersome processes, distracting you from the core objectives.

Inefficient communication and information systems

Communication between employees or with customers is often inefficient and not centralized. As a result, important information is lost and processes are unnecessarily prolonged.

Ensuring data accuracy and availability in relevant systems

Employees have more difficult access to correct, complete and consistent data. This impairs operational efficiency and employees' ability to act.

Difficult access and availability of essential tools and apps

Employees often encounter significant delays in procuring the software and hardware they need, hindering their productivity and ability to innovate.

Self-service for business teams
- Features and benefits -

Self-service for business team. Reduction of administrative tasks

Automation of routine tasks and streamlined workflows

Reduces the time and effort spent on manual processes, allowing teams to focus on their primary business objectives. Repetitive tasks (e.g. updating personal data, recurring requests) can be handled more efficiently with the help of automation and interfaces to other apps (e.g. Slack, AWS, Active Directory).

Integrated communication platform in self-service for updates and information exchange

Promotes clear and prompt communication between employees and customers, prevents loss of information and misunderstandings and promotes the prompt processing of open processes.

Self-service portal for faster access to data and information

Easy and fast access to current, accurate, personal and work-related data and information

Employees can access up-to-date information about their workplace at any time using a simple search query. The link to a knowledge database enables service employees to provide information where it is needed and to answer recurring questions without a service request. This increases the operational efficiency and autonomy of your teams.

Container8 Developer Self-Service Portal

Central platform for requesting and procuring digital tools and resources

Minimizes delays in applying for and accessing the required software and hardware, and thus strengthens employees' ability to innovate by taking less time.
You can find more information about our self-service for IT teams and the automation of infrastructure provisioning here:

Process automation and digitization of routine tasks

Improves overall operational efficiency and productivity, allowing teams to focus on strategic tasks and innovation.

Tech we use

Seamless integration with existing business platforms

The self-service can be linked to all common tools and infrastructures (e.g. Atlassian, AWS, Azure, MS Active Directory and more), ensuring a smooth transfer and continuity of processes.

User-friendly interface and automated processes

Through centralized access to up-to-date information, communication and resources as well as the automation of routine tasks, self-service helps to reduce the cognitive load on employees.

This leads to more focused and efficient teams that can devote their mental resources to critical and creative tasks, while reducing stress factors in the workplace.

Take the first step towards more autonomy and productivity in your teams

Find the right self-service for your business team

Choosing the right self-service system is crucial to the success of your team. We offer specialized solutions for different business areas.

Self-service for business teams Variants: ITSM, Customer Service, Human Resources

IT Service Management (ITSM)

Efficient management of IT topics:

Our ITSM Self-Service enables you to manage requests, incidents and changes efficiently. Achieve fast and outstanding service performance through optimized management of IT processes. Ideal for teams that need reliable and responsive IT support.

Customer service

Outstanding service for your customers:

This self-service is specifically designed to revolutionize customer service. It provides fast and effective service to external customers by quickly processing requests and providing solutions. Perfect for teams focused on customer satisfaction and retention.

human resources

Optimization of your HR processes:

Our HR self-service simplifies the onboarding and offboarding of employees and answers employee queries efficiently. This tool is ideal for HR teams who want to reduce their administrative tasks and focus more on strategic personnel development.

developer self-service

Accelerated, secure and cost-transparent cloud development.

Our Developer Self-Service accelerates the development process by automatically providing ready-made resources (e.g. templates, processes and access points). 

Find out more about the developer self-service.

Regardless of whether you want to improve your IT processes, optimize your customer service or simplify HR tasks: We have the right self-service solution for you!

Employee Self-Service enables us to manage routine tasks such as leave requests and personnel updates automatically. This has saved a significant amount of time and allowed me to focus on more strategic aspects of HR work. The integration with our other systems means that everything runs seamlessly. The positive feedback from our team confirms that we made the right decision.

HR Manager

Take the first step towards more autonomy and productivity in your teams

Developer Self-Service & ITSM with Jira Service Management

Use Case: Developer Self-Service & Autonomy with Container8

Are lengthy cloud setups slowing down your development?

The IT department of a leading home appliance manufacturer was struggling with inefficient, time-consuming processes for setting up AWS accounts, leading to delays in app development and frustration among employees.

Cloud complexity paralyzes your team

Imagine every cloud development starts with weeks of delays, filled with complex, error-prone manual steps. This bottleneck stifles innovation and burdens both developers and cloud engineers.

Discover the speed with a developer self-service

Container8 as an internal developer platform (IDP) transformed this scenario. Through automation and integration in Jira Service ManagementContainer8 reduced the provisioning time of AWS accounts from weeks to just one hour, increasing efficiency and speed of innovation by 30%.

Learn more about Developer Self-Service and how it increased productivity and satisfaction in cloud development:

Use case: Employee Self-Service (ESS) for HR managers and employees

Optimization of HR processes

Our self-service portal is changing the way HR teams work. From automating employee onboarding processes to simplifying vacation and sick leave management, we offer solutions that not only increase efficiency but also improve employee satisfaction. For example, employees can update their personal data independently, which improves data quality and reduces administrative effort.

Integration with other systems

The portal can be easily integrated with your existing digital and cloud services. This enables a single point of contact for all business needs, increasing efficiency and simplifying the use of different platforms. Integration promotes better data consistency and reduces the likelihood of errors as data is maintained in one place (single source of truth).

Support for remote and global teams

In today's world of work, flexible and location-independent working models are crucial. Our self-service portal offers cloud-based access, making it ideal for organizations with global or remote teams. It ensures that all employees, regardless of their location, have access to necessary resources and information and can collaborate effectively.


Further use cases

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Take the first step towards more autonomy and productivity in your teams


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about introducing identity and access management (IAM)

What is Employee Self-Service (ESS) and how do organizations benefit from it?

ESS enables employees to manage their HR-related tasks independently, resulting in increased efficiency and employee empowerment.

How does Employee Self-Service improve HR processes and organizational efficiency?

ESS simplifies HR processes by allowing employees to update personal information and request leave themselves, resulting in faster processes.

Can employee self-service reduce HR-related costs?

Yes, by minimizing manual intervention and enabling employees to perform routine tasks, significant cost savings can be achieved.

What is self-service in ITSM and what advantages does it offer IT teams?

Self-service in ITSM enables users to solve IT problems independently, which relieves the burden on IT teams and speeds up problem solving.

How does self-service in ITSM contribute to more efficient IT support?

Self-remedy of common IT problems by users relieves the IT helpdesk and enables faster support.

Can self-service in ITSM improve collaboration in an organization?

Yes, through knowledge databases and collaboration tools such as Confluence communication is encouraged and independent problem-solving is supported.

How does self-service increase employee satisfaction and independence?

Self-service gives employees control over their own data and tasks, which leads to increased satisfaction and autonomy.

How does self-service support remote and global teams?

Self-service offers location-independent access to important HR functions, which is particularly beneficial for remote and global teams.

What role does ITSM self-service play in user satisfaction?

The fast and independent resolution of IT problems significantly improves user satisfaction.

How can self-service tools contribute to cost control?

By automating routine tasks and reducing manual intervention, self-service tools help to reduce operating costs.

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