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Team DevOps:
Our Mission

As a DevOps Engineer at XALT GmbH, you will play a key role in automating and increasing the efficiency of development and operational processes. You bring the work of our developers seamlessly and securely to the end user - efficiently, quickly and using state-of-the-art methods. With us, you will shape the entire process from source code to application deployment in the end user environment.

Create with autonomy

Technological front runners

Work with the latest technologies and tools. We avoid legacy systems and focus on innovative solutions.

Team spirit & cooperation

Our team is always ready to support each other. We organize ourselves, share knowledge and experience and enjoy events and trips together.

Your development with us

Growth opportunities: In our growing company, you will find numerous opportunities for further development. We support you with access to certifications and learning resources.

Impact & recognition: Your work at XALT is not only technically challenging, but also very rewarding. You will enjoy the recognition of your colleagues as you take the customer to the next level with our innovative DevOps solutions.

Big projects, big customers

Our customers are well-known, large companies with exciting projects. With us, you can work at the forefront of technological development.

Flexibility & autonomy

At XALT you enjoy flexibility in the way you work - work remotely or in the office, whichever you prefer. Our flexible working policy ensures you have everything you need.

We approach our projects with an innovative mindset. As a team, we look for the best solutions for our customers and do not compromise on quality.

Vacancies in DevOps & Cloud

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DevOps transformation for executives

DevOps enables your digital product teams to sustainably increase their performance and thus positively influence your business goals. 

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