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Our comprehensive solution for automated testing of apps and software

In order to deliver a high-quality software product, you need to have it constantly tested. This allows you to react quickly to errors. Due to high workloads in manual testing, many teams choose to use an automated solution.

A fully integrated Automated Testing solution, helps your development teams to build, test, and deliver faster.

Automated testing with Atlassian and XRAY

Automatic Testing inside your development flow for instant feedback

Integrating automated testing into your teams CI/CD workflow using the same Atlassian tools which are used for planning and developing makes the maintenance of your software quality assurance even easier.

Expansion of your Jira with XRAY

Xray Test Management for Jira is an add-on for Jira that specializes in illustrating and reporting test results. Software developers are supported in their test management when planning and organizing projects.

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Feature overview

Integration into the CI pipeline

We are using Atlassian's tools which provide native build-in integration. Bitbucket, Bamboo and Jira are connected with each other and work together as a single ecosystem. Therefore, our solution with XRAY fits perfectly into this ecosystem and your CI pipeline. 

Illustration of the test results

XRAY provides various illustration possibilities for manual and automated testing reports. Data of past test executions is stored and can be sorted, filtered and presented with different statistics and diagrams.

Analyze test failures

In XRAY, use the advanced logging and execution evidence to analyze in detail what caused the test failure.

Automated testing

Execute test cases automatically whenever code changes or on a regular schedule to proof the application works. In case of software bugs, the test will fail and notify your team immediately. Test results will be automatically exported to XRAY and documented in an audit proof way.

Simplified work for your team

Advantages of our solution

Result overview

With our XRAY solution you will get up-to-date and structured overviews of your test execution results. You can decide what information should be displayed.

Time saving

Save enormous time on maintenance and execution. You do not need to adjust your workflow if you want to add new software features or test cases.


All steps are automatically documented and logged in Jira. You can find out what caused the failure with a single click and without looking into all the scripts.

Easy onboarding

Our solution is based on popular tools such as Bamboo and Jira. Therefore, your developers don't have to learn a new application.

No need for additional plugins

In addition to the XRAY plugin, you can use our Automated Testing solution immediately without having to install any additional third-party apps.

Improve your QA

By constantly testing your software, you ensure that your products are ready for delivery and customer use at all times.


Suitable for various tests

Our solution allows you to maintain and execute all types of tests to guarantee high quality of your software.

The Testing Pyramid is a workflow for creating quality assurance software. It reduces the time for developers to identify failures in code and improves testing organization in general.

Can be used with any technology

Automated Software Testing can be used for different purposes. The most common is to prevent software bugs. You can also test the performance of the system on load or simulate a crash to test systems recovery.

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