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Share knowledge and information efficiently and foster collaboration with Confluence

We guide teams through the implementation, integration, and use of Confluence - to improve collaboration, communication, and the delivery of knowledge and information.

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Confluence Consulting

Foster collaboration across the enterprise and share information with Confluence

It has never been more important to make information and know-how available across teams within your company than it is today ─ for more productivity and knowledge sharing.

Bring your teams together with Confluence

A constant exchange of knowledge and opportunities for productive and efficient collaboration is the be-all and end-all of a successful 21st century company. 

Provide information always and everywhere

Flexible forms of work, such as mobile working or home office, require that all employees always have access to essential information, news and documents without having to be in the office.

Integration in all common tools

We integrate Confluence with all common communication tools (such as Microsoft Teams or Slack) and project management tools, such as Jira. This allows your employees to document meetings and create new tasks for Jira directly in Confluence without interruption.

Confluence Consulting - Teamwork and information exchange

Our solutions for Confluence

Fewer committees and approvals through DevOps

Intranet solutions for companies and public institutions

Communicate with all employees at eye level and make valuable cross-company information available simultaneously and everywhere.

Create a transparent and open corporate culture with the social intranet solution based on Linchpin for Confluence.

Knowledgebase with support portal for employees or customers

Software solutions, cloud apps or publicly accessible portals can quickly become very complex to handle and use. 

Providing help, guides or training with the help of a documentation platform improves customer satisfaction and relieves your customer support.

Knowledge management with Confluence

Make knowledge available to all employees and colleagues in a sustainable manner in one central location. 

Prepare essential topics for your teams and make the knowledge contained therein usable for all.

With the help of Confluence you transform your company and make it fit for the future.

Learn more about our latest customer projects

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, Confluence is also suitable for documenting projects and mapping processes. The interaction with Jira also provides an incredible boost to the productivity and efficiency of your teams' collaboration. Learn more about our current and recent customer projects.

Confluence Cloud Migration

Confluence Cloud - For more productivity, teamwork and cross-divisional communication

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Confluence - Success Stories

Development of a business intelligence system with Confluence for a manufacturing company

Our customer was faced with the challenge of establishing a new BI system in the company and decided to use Confluence as a basis with an integrated knowledge database and dedicated authorization management.


Confluence Business Intelligence Data
Confluence Intranet with Linchpin

New redesign of User-Centered Intranet based on Linchpin

Together with BSH, XALT developed a completely new intranet. The aim of the project was to to replace the existing top-down intranet communication, in order to give not only the editorial team, but also every user the opportunity to contribute to a transparent and topic-centered intranet. 


Companies that use Confluence for documentation and collaboration are more productive and get more done in less time. 

Strengthen your team and achieve incredible results

The world of technology is spinning faster and faster and requires constant adaptation of new tools and techniques. 

Together with our Atlassian consultants, you can transform your business for good. Give your workforce the tools that simplify their daily work, increase their productivity and simplify internal communication. 

Not only will you stay competitive, but you'll always be one step ahead of your competition.

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