Maximize the ROI of technology investments with change management

Discover how to create a seamless integration of new technologies so that users get the most out of them, increase their efficiency and minimize fear of change.

Change management for companies that want to introduce new technologies

Why change management?

Accelerated adoption

Faster acceptance of new technologies in the company through clear, user-centric communication of the reasons for the change and the newly created added value in order to minimize reservations.

Increased productivity

Effective use of new tools through targeted training courses for different user groups and learning styles (e.g. live training, on-demand videos, tutorials, quizzes)

Higher employee satisfaction

Employee involvement through open communication and individual training opportunities promotes a feeling of appreciation and motivation, as well as the use of new technologies.

Optimized ROI

Maximum utilization of the new technology justifies the investments made, promotes long-term profitability and supports the company's success.

What challenges are there when introducing new technologies in companies?

Insufficient communication or gaps in communication

Ineffective communication leads to misunderstandings and rumors that hinder the smooth adoption of new technologies. Without clear and consistent information, uncertainty and misinformation can undermine the collective understanding of the purpose and benefits of change.

The change management program attaches great importance to clear, targeted communication that ensures that everyone in the company understands why the change is necessary and how it will take place.

Resistance to change or against change

The introduction of new technologies is often met with skepticism and resistance from employees, especially if they fear that their usual work routines could be disrupted.

Through targeted communication strategies and the empowerment of users, we minimize resistance and promote a positive attitude towards change.

Change management: Resistance to change or against change
Change management: Inadequate communication or gaps in communication
Change management: failures in training and measures for further development

Failure to provide training and measures for further development

The introduction of new technologies requires the learning of new skills or the adaptation of existing skills. Ineffective training or a lack of training resources can extend the training period and reduce productivity in the short term and long term.

Targeted training and development programs designed to prepare employees quickly and effectively to deal with new technologies and specifically designed to close skills gaps and enable rapid application of new skills in the workplace.

Achieve quick and lasting success

According to a McKinsey study, projects that apply effective change management practices are 6x more likely to be successful. This means faster and more sustainable realization of project results, increased efficiency and higher employee satisfaction and loyalty.

By accelerating adoption and increasing acceptance of new technologies, a change management program shortens the time to full operational use. This not only increases efficiency, but also enables the company to benefit from its investments more quickly, which in turn maximizes ROI and supports long-term profitability.

Who is change management suitable for?

Change management for companies with complex structures

Companies with complex structures

Organizations with a multi-layered hierarchy and diverse departments often face particular challenges when implementing new technologies.

Companies in phases of significant transformation

Companies going through growth, restructuring or reorientation need a solid change management strategy to ease the transition for their employees and achieve the company's goals.

Change management in industries with high regulatory requirements

Industries with high regulatory requirements

Organizations in regulated industries such as finance, healthcare and utilities need to ensure that their IT changes comply with applicable regulations and minimize risk.

How we support you in change management

1 Elevate

Strategy & Planning

Based on in-depth analyses and stakeholder interviews, we create a customized strategy for your specific use case. By developing persona profiles for the affected stakeholder groups and clear value propositions, we lay the foundation for the successful adoption of new technologies in your company.
Strategic preparation ensures broad acceptance and minimal resistance in your company.

2 Execute

Promotion of awareness & knowledge transfer

Activities - from presentations to webinars - promote awareness of the new technology introduction in your workforce and understanding of the changes. Through engaging, easy-to-consume content, everyone in the organization is reached and won over to the change.
This leads to a fast and effective dissemination of information and accelerates technology acceptance.

3 Empower

Capability building & continuous optimization measures

With training, workshops and ongoing support, we strengthen the skills of your teams and ensure that the new solutions are used sustainably. Feedback is actively collected and used to continuously improve the process.
This increases employee competence and satisfaction, leading to a long-term increase in productivity.

Change management for an industrial company

We assisted the client with the introduction of a new cloud self-service portal - a project that fundamentally changed the way technology is used in the company. Through our targeted change management, we were able to:

Discover which steps led to success and how your company can also benefit from our proven approaches.

Case study change management for a production company

Make change your strength

Change is inevitable, but how your company responds to it makes all the difference. With the right change management strategies, you can turn challenges into opportunities and not only remain competitive, but also set new standards. Discover with us how you can turn change into your strength.

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