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XAAM: Identity and access management that creates trust and revolutionizes work processes.

Enable seamless working, strengthen security and meet compliance requirements with our advanced IAM system. From onboarding to emergency access - we offer a comprehensive solution.

Optimize your IAM with the seamless integration of XAAM. Our fully integrated system allows you to request rights independently via Jira Service Management.

XALT Advanced Access Management

Optimize your IAM with the seamless integration of XAAM. Our fully integrated system allows you to request rights independently via Jira Service Management.

IAM problems? XAAM offers seamless solutions

Data risk averted

Imagine how your sensitive data could fall into the wrong hands if authorization management does not function optimally. A lengthy approval process and constant uncertainty about access rights not only hinder productivity, but also jeopardize the confidentiality of your data.

Secure partnerships: Efficient & clear

Collaboration with external partners is often complex and insecure. Manual access management and unclear authorizations lead to inefficient processes and considerable security risks.

Visualization of secure data access: XAAM automates authorization management for sensitive data, increases productivity and ensures clear access rights.
Visualization of data risk - mitigate the risk of sensitive data
Visualization of secure data access - IAM automates authorization management

Secure data access

Automated authorization management with XAAM secures sensitive data, improves productivity and ensures clear access rights.

Unleash efficiency and security: The advantages of XAAM IAM

Increased efficiency

Automate processes and save time. Eliminate error-prone manual processes, allowing employees to focus on more important tasks. Manage users in one central location and optimize the cost/usage of services.

Easier onboarding

Simplified onboarding through role-based access. Define what a corresponding role, e.g. a "working student", is allowed to access. "Which tools do I have access to and what do I have to do to access them?"

Improved compliance and security

Prevent misuse (e.g. by denying access to business processes. Fulfill the requirements of the ISO27001-compliance by implementing the dual control principle.

More value for your money

If you have already Jira Service Management (JSM), this Jira solution is free of charge for you. You can trigger IAM processes automatically via JSM requests.

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Our process


Process definition

Establishment of an authorization and approval process


On- / offboarding

Setting up an on-boarding and off-boarding process


Role definition

Creation of
Authorization profile roles



Understanding and digitizing business processes



Employee training and maintenance of the service portal


Go-Live & Support

We finalize the IAM digitalization, make sure your team is ready to work in the new environment and support them afterwards.

Shaping the future of security - XAAM IAM for your company

Experience the transformative power of identity and access management with XAAM IAM. Increase efficiency, protect your sensitive data and meet compliance requirements with ease. Our solution not only offers seamless integration and automation, but also a cost-effective way to get the most out of your existing licenses. Create the basis for a secure and future-proof digital environment with XAAM IAM. Take the first step - optimize your security today!

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Optimize your security: Successful transition to effective identity and access management

Take advantage of an efficient identity and access management solution now. Our experts are ready to answer your questions and guide you through the implementation. As your partner for digital transformation and security, we are here to optimize your processes and protect your data. Get started now!


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about introducing identity and access management (IAM)

Why is identity and access management (IAM) important for companies?

IAM is crucial to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, meet compliance requirements and improve efficiency in managing user access.

What challenges can arise when managing access?

Common challenges include the manual creation of access rules, unclear authorizations, a shortage of specialists and a lack of suitable technologies.

What is the average cost of a data breach on a global scale?

In 2022, the average global cost of a data breach reached 4.35 million US dollars.

What role does automation play in IAM?

Automation in IAM can lead to significant cost savings of more than 17% and is crucial for efficient processes.

What percentage of global IT leaders plan to implement or expand cloud-based IAM?

More than 80% of global IT leaders plan to implement or expand cloud-based IAM in the next two years.

Is the XALT Advanced Access Management (XAAM) connected to an Active Directory?

Yes, Jira is connected to the Active Directory. Jira receives the user name and password from the Active Directory and can therefore also write to the Active Directory.

How are authorizations or revocations of authorizations carried out if a tool/software has no connection to an Active Directory?

For all tools/software that are managed with groups in the Active Directory, you can automate the granting or revoking of rights with Jira. For all others where there is no automation or connection, this is done manually via a processing group, i.e. this step is performed manually by humans.

Which Active Directories can Jira Access Management be connected to?

Jira is "integrated with Azure AD, integrated with AD Federation Services or all other tools such as Google Groups and Users or Okta Groups and Users. That means all Azure AD competitors".

Can an existing Jira Service Management (JSM) be extended to include more business processes?

Yes, you can turn your JSM into a central point of contact for your IAM requirements.

Do Jira and Active Directory also run locally?

Yes, both also run locally.