Custom Atlassian App and Plugin Development

Development of plugins, addons & apps for your Atlassian products - individually tailored to your requirements

Custom Atlassian App and Plugin Development

More power for your Atlassian Apps

Out of the box, Jira and Converter But often these are not enough and lead to massive cuts in usage or missing important features that you need for your business processes to simplify your daily work. A customized plugin for your Atlassian products therefore offers several advantages such as saving time by automating recurring tasks.

You need a plugin or addon for Jira or Confluence?

You can't find the right addon or plugin on the Atlassian Marketplace? Your plugins do not offer all the functions you need for your daily work? Your team is slowed down by missing functions and has to perform many tasks manually?

Custom Atlassian App and Plugin Development
Atlassian Plugin Development

Do you have a complex business process that requires additional features and an individual technology?

Processes are diverse and individually adapted to your company and needs. This can make it difficult to map the process within Jira or Confluence with standardized apps or plugins without having to accept cuts at certain points. 

Are you deploying Atlassian products in a non-standard environment that requires unique add-on features?

Even outside the intended areas of application Jira and Confluence have the potential to map the most diverse scenarios and processes of your company. However, they usually require personalized integration or plugins. 

You use Jira, Confluence and Co. in a specialized form? We develop individualized integrations for your project.

Atlassian Plugin Development

Custom Atlassian Plugin Development

Do you have individual requirements for a plugin for Jira or Confluence or would you like to simplify your business processes or digitize them further with the help of integrations?

Our process for developing plugins, apps and integrations for your Atlassian software instances

For plugin and app development for your Jira and Confluence instances, we rely on our well-established, proven, agile process that prioritizes your requirements from day one. 

Requirements for Atlassian Plugin Development


The first part of the process is to identify the core concept, the goal of the project, and your requirements for the plugin and your goal.

Results: Recommendations, technical considerations and a roadmap

app design


In the design phase, the UI and UX design of your app is conceived and iterated until you have a final design that developers can then implement.

Results: A concrete concept that can be handed over to developers.

Requirements for Atlassian Plugin Development


Development of the app with the help of the SCRUM methodology and in an agile way of working. 

Development of an interactive prototype to give a sense of how the app will work in the end.

App Service and Support

Support & Service

After the "Go-Live" we develop the plugin permanently and fix bugs and provide you with regular updates.

With our service desk, we also offer a platform with which you can reach us at any time.

Benefit from our many years of experience in the Atlassian ecosystem. Let's develop your custom plugin for Jira and Confluence

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Experience Atlassian Marketplace Plugins in action and test our apps.

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Need a custom plugin for your Atlassian apps?

Want more information and need custom solution? We can help you develop plugins, apps and integrations and get the most out of your business. Feel free to contact us by phone, email or visit us in our office.