Atlassian Team24

Atlassian Team24: The future of teamwork with the new tools from Atlassian

Atlassian presented exciting updates and innovative tools to improve teamwork and optimize project management in various organizations at Team24. The show focused on improving collaboration and productivity through a comprehensive suite of tools that underscores Atlassian's commitment to unlocking the potential of every team.

Short and sweet: What's new at Atlassian in 2024

  • Standardized project management solution: Introduction of the new "Jira", which combines Jira Work Management and Jira Software into a single platform to serve all teams and improve collaboration efficiency.
  • Lists in Jira: A new feature that offers a spreadsheet-style interface that combines simplicity with the power of Jira to make project management more accessible.
  • Improved Confluence-functions: Confluence has been updated to support different content types, including pages, whiteboards and databases, centralizing knowledge sharing between teams.
  • Loom for asynchronous working: Integration of Loom to facilitate asynchronous communication, significantly reducing the need for constant meetings and improving productivity.
  • Jira Product Discovery Premium: Introduction of a premium version that offers greater transparency across projects, improved access control and accelerated innovation management.
  • API management with Optic: Integration of Optic with Compass for automated API documentation and updates, improving documentation accuracy and avoiding API-related incidents.
  • Extended incident management: Improved incident management capabilities in Jira through the integration of OpsGenie, providing automated alerts and optimized response mechanisms.
  • Atlassian Rovo: Introduction of an AI-driven assistant, Atlassian Rovo, designed to revolutionize knowledge discovery and operational efficiency in companies.
  • Security and data insights: Adoption of Atlassian Guard and Atlassian Analytics to strengthen security measures and provide teams with key data insights for better decision making.

Centralized teamwork through integrated tools

With the introduction of the new product "Jira", Jira Work Management and Jira Software are merged into a single project management solution. This integration aims to provide a unified platform for all teams, promoting better collaboration. With Plans in Jira Premium, you can track the progress of all teams in a single place.

New list function in Jira

The new "Lists in Jira" feature provides a spreadsheet-style interface that combines simplicity with Jira's robust features, making it easy to access for a wide range of users.

Improved knowledge exchange and project visibility

Confluence is the ideal platform for sharing knowledge. With the 2024 update on Team24, Confluence can now handle different content types such as pages, whiteboards and databases. This centralization of knowledge helps teams maintain a coherent understanding of project goals and progress.


Atlassian has acquired Loom, another key component of the Atlassian toolkit. It increases productivity by shifting tasks from synchronous to asynchronous modes.

This shift has significantly reduced the need for frequent meetings and represents a practical approach to the challenges of the modern working world.

With Loom, Atlassian has "made almost half a million meetings superfluous". That's quite a figure, isn't it?

But that's not all. With Loom for developers (including a sophisticated AI), Atlassian makes it easy for your developers to create a bug report with just one click within Loom. You can automatically fill out an entire Jira ticket with the Loom AI. All you need is the automatically generated transcript.


The integration of Whiteboards in Confluence supports teams even better in brainstorming and sharing ideas, all in one place. Whiteboards now have artificial intelligence to improve team brainstorming sessions. For example, when you start a new whiteboard, the AI automatically pulls relevant customer feedback from Confluence and displays inspiring ideas on sticky notes. It also organizes these ideas into categories for easier review. Teams can then vote on their favorite ideas directly in Whiteboard and seamlessly convert them into task tickets with assigned team members.

Advanced product discovery and API management

Atlassian announced the launch of the premium version of Jira Product Discovery, which provides enhanced visibility across projects and robust control over access. This new feature aims to optimize the capture and prioritization of innovative ideas.

Atlassian has integrated Optic with Compass to enable automatic documentation and updating of API changes, further strengthening the toolkit. This integration not only ensures the accuracy of documentation, but also prevents potential API incidents, ensuring the integrity of the project.

Incident management and real-time response

The acquisition of OpsGenie was used to improve the incident management functions of Jira. OpsGenie is now directly integrated into Jira's Service Management and Compass. This feature provides teams with automated alerts and recommendations for handling incidents, significantly improving response times and efficiency.

Instant service desks

Atlassian has introduced Instant Service Desks at Team24 to extend the accessibility of service desk functions to different departments within an organization, including finance, HR and legal teams. This innovation allows teams to quickly set up a service desk with a simple description of their functions, streamlining support processes and increasing organizational efficiency. This tool makes technical support accessible to all, regardless of technical knowledge.

Supporting teams with AI and data insights

What's new in Atlassian Intelligence

Atlassian Intelligence has introduced a number of enhancements aimed at streamlining operations and improving enterprise support. These improvements use AI to provide smarter and more efficient solutions:

  • Incident Management: Atlassian Intelligence now offers an automated summary of tickets and alerts that helps teams prioritize and effectively handle incidents.
  • Real-time recommendations: The system suggests next steps, subject matter experts and relevant documentation to shorten response times and improve problem resolution.
  • Automated division and allocation: AI capabilities are used to sort support requests and assign them based on factors such as priority, location and expertise, significantly speeding up support processes.

More news about AI: Atlassian Rovo

Atlassian's efforts to merge human and artificial intelligence were underscored by the launch of Atlassian Rovo, an AI-driven assistant designed to revolutionize knowledge search and processing in the enterprise.

Rovo is designed to work alongside human teams and provide specialized support to achieve clear goals.

Atlassian Guard

In addition, Atlassian Guard and Atlassian Analytics are designed to improve security and data-driven decision making. These tools provide teams with the necessary insights and security measures to protect and efficiently manage their projects.

For a detailed insight into all the innovations at Atlassian, we recommend the highlight video:


Atlassian's presentation at Team24 underlined the company's forward-looking approach to project management and teamwork. By integrating advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces, the company aims to meet the dynamic needs of modern teams. As Atlassian's offerings evolve, the focus remains on improving usability and productivity to ensure teams can perform at their best in an increasingly digital work environment.

For companies looking to streamline their workflows and improve teamwork, the introduction of these new tools could be a game changer as they help shape the future of work and innovation.

Blog TeamEvent-23

TeamXALT Summer Event 2023

Building strong relationships within a company is vital for a positive and productive work environment in the fast-paced corporate world. For this reason, TeamXALT recently came together at the Leipzig office for a summer team event. As the team is spread all over Germany and beyond, we used the 2 days to strengthen our team spirit by connecting on a personal level, collaborating face-to-face, and having a great time together during fun activities and delicious food. Furthermore, we wanted to take the next step in our corporate strategy. This article highlights the key aspects of the event.

Building personal connections

One of the most significant benefits of team events is the chance to meet colleagues face-to-face and strengthen personal connections. XALT's team event created an ideal atmosphere for employees to have relaxed conversations on the day-to-day work and beyond their workstations. With employees spread across various locations and departments, this gathering fostered a sense of unity and created a shared sense of purpose.

As XALT has experienced impressive growth over the past six months, it was also an excellent platform for integrating a lot of new talents into the Team and the corporate culture . Through icebreaker activities, several team workshops, and informal conversations, both new and existing employees got to know each other personally - to find commonalities and learn exciting details from each other.

Strategy Workshops: Forging the path ahead

XALT’s founder & CEO, Philipp Göllner, seized the opportunity during the team event to introduce his vision and the strategy for the company. This was followed by team workshops in which every group could figure out their possibilities to contribute expertise and ideas to support the company’s strategy and help shape the future of XALT.
On the second day, each group also defined an action plan to drive their initiatives forward and bring their ideas to life. Ultimately, the workshops encouraged creativity and innovation and strengthened a collective sense of ownership among the employees, strengthening their commitment to the company's success.

Capturing the team spirit

In a professional photoshoot, our photographer captured the team's genuine smiles and positive energy as a reminder of the team spirit that defines the XALT culture. Moreover, these photographs will find their place on the company website, social media platforms, and internal communication channels.


Besides the professional aspects of the team event, XALT ensured that the 2 days were filled with fun, laughter, delicious food, and snacks, strengthening the bonds that will undoubtedly enhance collaboration in the future. Ultimately, our team event perfectly balanced professional development and enjoyable experiences, further cementing XALT's commitment to its employees' well-being and success.

Become part of TeamXALT

We are always looking for new people to join our team. 

If you're open-minded, enjoy working with the latest technologies, and are an expert in your field, join TeamXALT.

TeamXALT in Las Vegas at Team23 by Atlassian

Team XALT in Vegas at Team23 by Atlassian

It's April 2023 and for TeamXALT, it's off to Las Vegas for Atlassian's Team23. This special event and conference is all about the latest developments in the Atlassian ecosystem, including new products, partner apps and services. The Atlassian team gives keynote presentations on the latest developments, and there's also a forum for discussion and breakout sessions for all attendees.

What did we do on Team23?

"We came to Team23 because we wanted to learn about the latest developments in the Atlassian ecosystem and take a look at what's happening next." (Mario S., Marketing) Seeing the exciting developments and being here at the conference in Las Vegas "to talk to all the customers and partners and see the new solutions; you have so many ideas in your head at once." (Philipp G., CEO & Founder XALT).

At the conference we learned a lot about upcoming products and the announced improvements. We are looking forward to testing and using them in the coming year.

And as Philipp said: "This is just the beginning", and we are ready to learn even more and take XALT to the next level.

Work hard, play hard

But we didn't "only" travel to Las Vegas for purely business reasons, but also to grow even closer together as a team. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to be here with a large part of TeamXALT, have fun and make new contacts.

Remote work is part of our DNA, but it also comes with a catch: we can't always see each other, and building team cohesion can be hard. However, being a modern company also means that our team can work from anywhere and have the opportunity to meet in person on a regular basis.

For these two reasons, the trip to Las Vegas for Team23 was a must and something we plan to repeat in the years to come.

We think differently

At XALT, we think differently. We want to build a team that sticks together and where everyone has the same goal in mind when it comes to tackling demanding challenges. At XALT, we don’t just consult our customers; we see ourselves as a member of our customer’s team and autonomously solve pressing questions or problems for them.

We are always striving to learn about the latest and greatest technologies and approaches to overcome difficult challenges for our clients. As our CEO and founder says: "TeamXALT is a special blend of people. It's not just about the technology, it's about helping our clients succeed in their industry."

We even go one step further: We can only overcome difficult challenges if our team is successful. That's why we want them to be happy and not only work hard, but also party and have fun sometimes.

XALT is "a great place to work (...) with many challenges, but we never forget that work should also be fun." (Michael Ellis, consultant to the management)

But enough talking. We all know images, or in this case, videos, say more than a thousand words. Check out how we at XALT take in a whole week in Las Vegas (and the conference, of course, ????).

Here's a little teaser: Helicopter ???? plus Grand Canyon ???? = Once-in-a-lifetime experience (Episode 4).

Become part of TeamXALT

We are always looking for new people to join our team. 

If you're open-minded, enjoy working with the latest technologies, and are an expert in your field, join TeamXALT.

XALT Girls Day 2023

Girls'Day 2023 program at XALT

We're exactly 4 weeks away and looking forward to Girls' Day 2023! At XALT, we are fully committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond. That's why we're mega happy to announce that we'll be participating in the nationwide Girls' Day for the second time - this time even at two locations! On April 27, 2023, we will open our offices in Munich and Leipzig and offer 3 places each for cool girls.

Girls' Day is about giving girls from all over Germany an insight into different professions and fields - especially those in which women are underrepresented. At XALT, we want to make a small contribution to ensuring that everyone has the same opportunities in STEM subjects as well. We will spend the day introducing the girls to the world of software development and give them the opportunity to try things out in an open and collaborative space.

Here you can still secure a place for this year.

But what exactly do we have planned?

First of all, a relaxed get-to-know-you session, where Philipp, our founder and CEO, will introduce you to the company and answer all your questions. After that, you can talk to our consultants and the HR department and share your experiences in the IT industry.

Of course, there'll also be a delicious lunch and we'll solve exciting programming tasks together. And to make it all round, we will create a cool blog post and Instagram post together with our marketing specialists.

Girls'Day 2022 XALT
Office XALT Munich

Girls' Day, a complete success.

The feedback from the two participants from 2022 was consistently positive. Both were able to get a first impression of the world of IT and a lot of questions were answered.
Here again the Blog post from last year:

We are looking forward to meeting you and can't wait to experience an unforgettable Girls' Day together!

Customer orientation at XALT

Customer focus: XALT as part of the team

In the past year, we were able to achieve a significant increase in our customer's FathWe are happy to share with you not only insights into XALT and what makes XALT tick, but also how we worked together with Fath and Atlassian on this successful project. At this point we are happy to give you not only insights into XALT and what XALT is all about, but also how we worked together with Fath and Atlassian on this successful project.

Insights into XALT

As XALT, we see ourselves not just as a service provider, but as part of their team. We step in for them, lend a hand and make their lives easier wherever we can. Because we know: We can only really make a difference if we work hand in hand and put customer orientation first.

Team XALT - What makes us tick

Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and we are proud to work with them to realize their visions.

At XALT, we are always looking for people who are willing to think outside the box, take on new challenges and have a desire to change the (IT) world together with us. 

We are convinced that each and every one of us has the potential to achieve extraordinary things if we work together as a team. That's why we attach great importance to creating an environment in which everyone can develop their strengths and contribute to the company's success. Every individual counts for us, because we believe that we can only achieve great things together.

The migration of Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket

The cloud is becoming increasingly important for many companies and is a central component for business success. To ensure that Fath is well prepared for the future and that their systems are secure and resilient, we migrated Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket to the Atlassian Cloud. 

In the past, FATH was confronted with regular system failures (downtimes) of their data center hosted Atlassian applications confronted. With each downtime, the cost of troubleshooting, performing post-mortem analysis, and staffing for system recovery has increased.

Among other things, the cloud enables cost savings in maintenance, operations and managed infrastructure. Upgrades are much easier to perform, and most importantly, it gives teams the flexibility to manage their work in a shared environment.

Success Story: Successfully using the Atlassian Cloud

Experience the success of the cloud! Learn how Fath benefited from improved efficiency, flexibility, system availability and cost savings. 

Read now the inspiring success story about the migration of Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket into the Atlassian Cloud.

Pledge 1 percent - xalt helps out at the Christmas market for a good cause

Pledge 1% at XALT

Worldwide, Pledge-1% moves companies to give back to society. One percent of their time, capital, products or profit is donated to a charitable organization of their choice.

Atlassian, Salesforce and Rally launched this initiative in 2014. Today, over 10,000 members around the world are already involved. XALT is part of this community.

Drinking mulled wine for a good cause

Thanks to the initiative of employee Benedikt Dollinger, TEAM XALT was able to do its part at the Leipzig Christmas market. Together with the Round Table Leipzig mulled wine was served to visitors for a good cause. Julia, Ben, Philipp, Anton and Jan took on several shifts at the stand during their working hours. The proceeds from the sale of the hot delicacy (there was of course also children's punch) will be donated to 100% to various charitable organizations.

In addition to the donation amount, it was nice to talk to countless people about social projects and thereby also learn more about the interlocutor. Really everyone had a story in which you could find the basic idea of "doing something good" again.
And in the end, what matters is not how many Euros you've collected or how many hours you've worked, but that you put the needs of others above your own and do something.

Round Table

This year, in addition to the mulled wine stand, Round Table is again offering their Leipzig gastronomy quartet. A total of 32 Leipzig restaurateurs are participating in this campaign. On each card of the quartet is still a voucher for the respective place, a win-win situation, because the proceeds will be donated to 100% again this year.

The donations go to the Parents' Aid

In 2023, the proceeds of the project will again go entirely to the Parents' Aid for Children with Cancer Leipzig e.V.. Founded in June 1990, this association supports families and accompanies children, adolescents and young adults with cancer on their difficult journey.

A team from the fields of psychology, social work, sports, art and music therapy is used to provide the best possible support for the children.
More information can be found at

We look forward to being a part of more campaigns in the future, adding value to the community.

Julia and Jan support the mulled wine stand at the Leipzig Christmas market

If you would also like to volunteer during working hours, please send us your resume at

Inkometa Award

BSH HausgerÀte wins Inkometa Award for the best intranet

BSH Home Appliances has won the Inkometa Award for Best Intranet in the Social Intranet / Collaboration Intranet category. The company was awarded the accolade for its work on the intranet, initially released in 2020 alongside its technical implementation partner XALT Business Consulting GmbH.

The Inkometa Award is one of the most important Awards for Internal Communication in Germany and is supervised SCM – School for Communication and Management. There are awards in the categories Media, Strategy, Campaign, Intranet & Digital Workspace and International internal communication since 2018.

The Inkometa Award is a recognition of the hard work and the importance of a global information and collaboration platform that BSH Home Appliances has put into creating and maintaining its Intranet. This award is a testament to the company's commitment to providing its employees with the best possible working environment.

About XALT

XALT is a boutique consultancy based in Munich and Leipzig Germany with a subsidiary in the United States of America. XALT builds DevOps, IT infrastructure solutions and enables teams to collaborate efficiently. We're helping companies release digital products faster, bring teams together, and foster digital transformation.

Their customers are some of the most innovative and aspiring organizations in the world. They range from manufacturing to financial, e-commerce, and government institutions. Enterprises are currently challenged with manually releasing and testing software and making sure that everything was compliance-ready and secure. The lack of the right tools, corporate culture, and mindset made collaboration between departments and teams difficult. XALT is doing the difficult, but imperative work of building DevOps and collaboration solutions – so organizations and teams can concentrate on creating real value for their customers and users.

About BSH Home Appliances

The BSH Household Appliances GmbH is the largest manufacturer of household appliances in Europe and one of the world's leading companies in this industry. Around 40 manufacturing sites and a strong network of 80 sales, production and service companies in around 50 countries form the foundation of BSH's customer-focused business model. BSH currently employs over 60.000 people all around the world.

Via the intranet

BSH Home Appliances has worked closely with its technical partner, XALT Business Consulting GmbH, and its concept Partner, ]init[, to create and maintain the intranet. The intranet features social features such as likes, shares and comments, as well as content tailored to different teams, divisions and countries. There is also a central news hub for the entire company.

Technical implementation

XALT Business Consulting was responsible for the technical implementation of the intranet. The team at XALT has improved the technical specifications of the intranet over the past year, ensuring that it is always available and running smoothly, even under heavy traffic conditions.

The BSH Intranet leverages the power of Atlassian's Confluence and the Linchpin Intranet Suite. It is deployed on the AWS Cloud and uses autoscaling, automatic backups, automatic rollbacks and built-in security features. These technical implementations allow BSH to keep the Intranet running at all times with minimal downtime (99.95% uptime), even when 60,000 users are accessing it. Learn more about the intranet here:

11 Steps for better code

The 11 XALT steps to Better Code

Wondering how we code and develop software at XALT? In this blog post, we share some of our guiding principles when it comes to software development of any kind. We were inspired by none other than Joel Spolsky (former CEO of Stack Overflow, one of the creators of Trello, among other things), who described the most important steps of programming back in 2000.

Some things have changed and become simpler since then, but the core principles still apply in 2021 and are a quick and easy way to find out if your SaaS business model is actually as good as you think it is, or if it's reaching its full potential. 

If you are in a management or team leader position in a software development company, you should ask yourself the following questions and answer "yes":

(From the point of view of job seekers in the software sector, it is of course always good to know whether your potential employer has its finger on the pulse of the times. (wink))

1. version control - do you use it?

Of course we do, we don't live in the 90s anymore after all. If you want to track changes to your code, manage them, and enable your programmers to collaborate more effectively, version control is critical.

For us, a Git workflow is the be-all and end-all, but depending on the type of project, we use feature branching, continuous delivery, sometimes even Gitflow. Among other things, we use Atlassian's own Bitbucket, as well as GitLab and GitHub Cloud. We place the greatest value on automation.

2. can you create builds in one step?

Yes, and we can even go one better; by using Docker and Bamboo, GitHub Actions and GitLab Pipelines, this is always automatically built for our projects. By using such tools, you can easily automate the integration of code from multiple stakeholders into single builds (keyword Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery).

You can find more information about our approach here: and

3. do you create daily builds?

Yes, daily builds are your friend in identifying problems. But why stop there? With CI/CD and automated testing, you can even deploy multiple builds per day! 

We always create daily builds for our customers and also keep test servers ready for them.

4. do you have a bug database?

Yes! Instead of writing bugs on stone tablets, sticky notes, or just from memory, we chose Jira for effective, powerful, and versatile bug tracking. We even went so far as to Integrate Jira with other bug-tracking solutions and never lose sight of a bug. Another great thing about Jira is the easy integration with knowledge bases like Confluence, where you can document all bugs and issues in detail. 

5. do you fix bugs before writing new code?

Yes, we always maintain our technical debts. What are technical debts? Glad you asked! We'll go into more detail about what technical debt means to businesses and programmers alike; you can here read all about it.

Essentially, it's very useful to fix bugs before writing new code. Among other things, this avoids having to go back in time in a software project to figure out why the code doesn't work today. The more time passes, the harder it becomes to remember where and when a bug first occurred. Therefore, the methodology of continuous documentation is a great way to achieve this, apart from fixing bugs as soon as possible 

6. do you have a current schedule?

Always. We live agile software development every day, so the notion of an actual schedule inherently applies to everything we do.

Our tool of choice on this topic is Jira, which can make planning and managing projects as simple as possible and as complex as necessary. 

7. do you have a specification?

You betcha. A product specification is basically a blueprint that describes exactly what the finished product will do, what its core features are, who it's for, and so on. 

To make this easily editable and shareable, we use Confluence and easy integration with JIRA issues, as well as a team of highly skilled and smart cookies who can write technical specs for a given issue like it was your grandmother's cookie recipe. 

8. do your developers have quiet working conditions?

Oh yes, you should provide your programmers (and all other employees of your company) with pleasant and quiet working conditions.

Whether it's in one of our great offices or at home - if you're work for Team XALTyou have the choice of where you work from.

Even after the pandemic, enjoy the benefits of home office and remote working. Still too noisy? We can also fit you with noise cancelling headphones to help you stay in the zone. 

Nine. Do you have any testers?

It's important to have testers on your team. How else are you going to notice a bug or a missing feature in your product? When your customers tell you there's a problem? Yes, that's something to avoid, and testing your software can really help.

At XALT, we use automated tests for our builds in addition to unit tests, for example with Jira and Bamboo from Atlassian. With XRAY, tests can even present in beautiful front ends. You can read all about it here: Automatic test management with XRAY. Also, Selenium is another tool of choice to test solutions from the user perspective. 

10. do you do QA testing?

We do that, with the help of Jira and XRAY. You can read more about it in this Blog post read.

11. do you use the best tools money can buy?

Always. Choosing the equipment and tools of your choice is the best way to make everyone in your company feel comfortable. And let's face it - what better way to bribe programmers than to give them all the tools, software, and hardware they need to be happy (aside from decent compensation)?

So when you work with Team XALT, all you have to do is tell us what kind of gear you need and we'll take care of it.

Do you agree with our principles and the way we work? Let us know, and if you're interested, learn firsthand how your company can leverage a few core principles to stand out from competing companies in software development and beyond.

If you are a developer looking for a new challenge in a company that makes working with and on software a pleasure. By following a few basic but very important and strong principles like the ones above, feel free to send us your resume and enjoy a smooth and no obligation hiring process.

Become part of the team!

Work with us on exciting projects and solutions for current, important IT questions in the areas of Atlassian, DevOps and Cloud technologies.

Home office equipment

The best equipment for your home office

Remote work is on everyone's lips and has become an integral part of the modern working world. But besides "simply working from home" and working productively in a home office, there are some essential differences. An important factor for getting off to a good start is the right Home office equipment.

While some of the items listed below are essential, others are just plain useful in the home office.

Standing desk

Standing desks, or adjustable height desks, are a great way to start your day - both for your health and your productivity. If you're ready to make the leap from sitting to standing, we recommend a standing desk that can be used in multiple positions. This way, you can easily switch between sitting and standing during your workday.

Many of our employees use height-adjustable desks such as the EG8 in white from FlexiSpot.

Ergonomic office chair

Besides the desk, there is another important piece of furniture your home office equipment - the office chair. Sitting for long periods of time can plague the body with lower back, neck and shoulder pain, difficulty moving and lethargy. A supportive office chair can help alleviate some of the negative effects of sitting.

For example, we replaced the chairs in our office in Leipzig at the beginning of 2022 and now all sit on chairs from Sedus.

Quick note: The stool in the above picture is of course the exact opposite of an ergonomic chair (was not delivered at the time of the photo). ????

Second monitor

A laptop screen alone may not be enough, especially if you're used to working with a large monitor or multiple screens. Home office monitor prices vary significantly depending on size, quality, and features, but entry-level models can be quite inexpensive.

If you work a lot with graphics or videos, you need a high-resolution monitor with accurate colors. Monitors come in different sizes, which is also an important detail for the purchase. You should have enough distance from the monitor, otherwise it might have bad effects on your eyes and cause fatigue faster.

At XALT we like to work with Monitors from DELL, for example the S2721QS.

So consider the space you have available, the height and depth of your desk, and the height of your chair. The largest monitor may not necessarily be the best one for your needs.

Laptop stand

To avoid health problems such as back pain, neck pain and eye pain in the home office, you should use a laptop stand when working at your computer. A laptop stand should be part of any good home office equipment, it raises the computer screen and helps you position your laptop at eye level.
At the same time, you improve your sitting position and prevent back pain. By raising the laptop, the air circulation improves and there is less heat.

We can use the stand from Rain Design recommend for just under 55 euros
The initial cost varies depending on the brand and size of the product. Portable stands are usually slightly more expensive than fixed models.

Wireless keyboard and mouse

If you put your laptop on a stand, as recommended above, you should invest in a wireless keyboard for your home office. You don't have to spend a lot of money for a simple wireless keyboard and mouse that serves its purpose.

Look for a long battery life so you don't spend more time charging them than using them. If you work with numbers a lot, consider a keyboard with a separate number pad. Also, pay attention to the noise level. Some keyboards are much louder than others, which can be a real problem in small apartments!

You can get a good wireless mouse for a few euros or spend a little more to add some handy features. The mouse MX Master 3 Logitech mouse is connected via Bluetooth or USB receiver, can be operated on almost any surface and supports up to three computers simultaneously. Therefore, this is perfect for our office, where the workstations are used by several employees.

Of course the Magic Mouse and that Magic Keyboard from Apple unbeatable - some people prefer the MX Master 3 because of its ergonomic design.

Headset for remote work


For home workers who work in small teams or need to connect with colleagues in other offices, a good headset is an essential tool. There are two important points to look for in a headset: Headsets with noise cancellation and Bluetooth wireless devices. Headsets look professional and help you have undisturbed conversations even in a slightly noisier environment.

When it comes to headsets, we at XALT fully rely on the products of Jabra - either the Evolve 30 MS with cable or the Evolve2 65 wireless.
For meetings with several employees in the same room we use in Munich and Leipzig the Jabra Speak 510.


The right home office equipment and especially good accessories are very important from our point of view. Yes, it's not exactly cheap and you can quickly reach a four-digit euro range. But it's money well spent, as it has a positive effect on your own health (back, eyes, wrists, etc.) and you can work in a much more relaxed way.

Our team decides for itself where it wants to work: in the office (Munich or Leipzig), in a home office or in a coworking space such as Design Offices.

Sometimes you don't want anyone around to help you focus and get things done better. And some days you want to talk about joint projects with your colleagues in the office or need a change of scenery from home.

That is why XALT offers its Team members the possibility to choose the place of work and provides the right equipment for the home office.


Shortlist for Inkometa Award - Category: Intranet

We are happy to announce that the BSH Intranet is on the INKOMETA shortlist for the best intranet in the category "Intranet & Digital Workplace".

The BSH Intranet is a social intranet that was developed together with their solution and consulting partners XALT and ]init[.

About the INKOMETA Award

INKOMETA, the award for successful internal communications, honors competition entries in five categories: Strategy, Media, Intranet & Digital Workplace, Campaigns, and International Internal Communication. 

Learn more here: INKOMETA

About the Intranet

In September 2020, BSH launched its new intranet based on Atlassian Confluence and Linchpin as its new intranet and shut down its Microsoft Sharepoint platform.

The social intranet makes it easy to communicate with colleagues and allows employees to easily find the information they need. It also provides easy access to all kinds of resources the employees need.

Some of the main features of the BSH Intranet are:

Social communication and engagement

The social intranet makes it easy to connect and engage with colleagues. Using the intranet, employees can connect not only with their team but even with colleagues across different departments and subsidiaries within BSH.

The social intranet enables employees and managers to engage in digital dialog. It is a social network for all BSH employees. Social functions such as liking, sharing, and commenting on posts are integrated here.

A News Hub

All important news about products, events, or other topics relevant to employees is displayed on the main landing page for everyone to read at any time. The solution makes it easy to publish news that is important for the entire BSH staff or even for specific countries or subsidiaries.

A centralized hub for all employees

The new intranet provides all vital information, links, and resources BSH employees need right at the plan of their hands.

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About BSH

The BSH Household Appliances GmbH is the largest manufacturer of household appliances in Europe and one of the world's leading companies in this industry. Around 40 manufacturing sites and a strong network of 80 sales, production, and service companies in around 50 countries form the foundation of BSH's customer-focused business model.