Guide to Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Project Portfolio Management

Did you know that project portfolio management (PPM) plays an important role in the success of organizations? It is a valuable tool for any business that wants to grow and succeed, as it helps companies achieve their goals and is no longer just an option for those who are busy with multiple internal projects, especially [...]

Maximize team success with Atlassian Team Playbooks

Atlassian Team Playbooks

Fostering collaboration, continuous improvement and operational excellence is critical for organizations that want to remain competitive. Atlassian Team Playbooks are a valuable tool that provides resources to overcome common team challenges and improve project execution. They provide clear guidance on roles and responsibilities, improve communication and [...]

Necessary and unnecessary meetings

Necessary vs. unnecessary meetings

Have you ever been caught in a meeting that seems to drag on forever, with no clear goal or end? It's probably happened to all of us, right? It's a common situation in the business world. But what if I could tell you that not all meetings are the same? Certain ones can increase the productivity of your [...]

Deep Dive: Monitoring and Observability for DevOps Teams

Monitoring and Observability for DevOps Teams

Concepts, Best Practices, and Tools DevOps teams are under constant pressure to deliver high-quality software quickly. However, as systems become more complex and decentralized, it becomes increasingly difficult for teams to understand the behavior of their systems and identify and diagnose problems. This is where monitoring and observability come into play. But [...]

Atlassian product news Team23

Atlassian product news Team23

Atlassian's recent Team23 event in Las Vegas was an impressive showcase of innovative products, integrations and powerful updates that aim to redefine the future of work. In this article you will learn which Atlassian product innovations were presented at Team23. Among them Atlassian Intelligence, Confluence Whiteboards, Databases, Atlassian Together, Atlassian Analytics, Beacon, BYOK, Jira Product Discovery, OpenDevOps [...]

Advanced techniques for optimizing the CI/CD pipeline

Build-Test-Deploy (CI/CD) pipeline

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you develop and deploy software? Welcome to the world of DevOps, where development and operations teams work seamlessly together to accelerate software delivery, increase reliability, and minimize risk. As you adopt DevOps, you'll join a growing number of organizations [...]

How cloud security can drive business success

An image of a cloud with a lock symbol superimposed, representing the concept of secure cloud computing and how cloud-security can drive business success through improved data protection and risk management.

Die Cloud ist f√ľr Unternehmen jeder Gr√∂√üe zu einer unsch√§tzbaren Ressource geworden, da sie von √ľberall aus Zugriff auf Daten und Anwendungen bietet und die Effizienz steigert. Allerdings darf nicht vergessen werden, dass die Cloud anf√§llig f√ľr Sicherheitsbedrohungen und Sicherheitsverletzungen ist. Zum Gl√ľck k√∂nnen Sie Sicherheitsma√ünahmen ergreifen, um eine sichere Cloud zu gew√§hrleisten und Ihre […]

What is Infrastructure as Code (IaC)?

What is Infrastructure as Code (IaC)?

Infrastructure as Code describes the management and deployment of computer data centers through machine-readable definition files. Rather than using physical hardware configuration or interactive configuration tools. The term "Infrastructure as Code" was first used by Andrew Clay Shafer and Patrick Debois in 2009. At the time, the two developers were working at Google on a project to automate the [...]

BSH Hausgeräte wins Inkometa Award for the best intranet

Inkometa Award

BSH Hausgeräte has won the Inkometa Award for the best intranet in the Social Intranet / Collaboration Intranet category. The company received the award for its work on the intranet, which was launched in 2020 together with its technical implementation partner XALT Business Consulting GmbH. The Inkometa Award is one of the most important prizes for internal communication in [...]