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Creating a Confluence Product Help Center with Scroll Viewport

How to create a (product) help center in Confluence

For businesses, providing quality customer support takes a tremendous amount of effort. To avoid getting bogged down in support tickets, many companies today use other solutions from the

Human Resource Management with Jira

How to manage human resources with Jira

There are countless tools for managing human resources. The most important thing is that they are easy to implement and can be used as quickly as possible by all employees in the company.

Quality Assurance Testing with XRAY for Jira

Quality Assurance Testing with Xray and Jira

For an IT company it is especially important to deliver a software product with a high quality. The improvement of software development processes and their automation represents a considerable

Atlassian Hosting

Atlassian Hosting: Technical Approach

There are several options for Atlassian hosting. Server, Data Center or even directly in the Atlassian Cloud. One of these options is to host Atlassian software directly in the cloud.

Data security in the Atlassian Cloud

Data security in the Atlassian Cloud

An essential advantage of having your own environment and using servers is that you are always aware of what is happening with your data, and

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