AWS Consulting Partner

XALT becomes AWS Consulting Partner

Since 2016, we have been helping and accompanying IT teams on their way to implementing DevOps methods, cloud concepts and agile workflows. At the beginning of the year, XALT received the Atlassian Gold Partner Award. And at the end of July 2021, the time had finally come - we were named an AWS Consulting Partner.

What do we at XALT intend to do with this certification? And how we will use this new capability to help companies successfully implement DevOps or migrate their software landscape to the cloud in the future, you can read in this article.

Future-proof companies need a fail-safe IT infrastructure

The cloud migration of an existing software landscape has never been more relevant than today. Performance, downtimes and availability are important factors that have a direct impact on the business viability of a company and additionally impact customer satisfaction. 

The demands of today's customers and users are far more diverse and consolidated than they were just a few years ago. Due to the unlimited availability of the Internet and its direct impact on the workplace, it has become a necessity that productive systems are permanently available from everywhere. 

By leveraging AWS cloud computing solutions, we have been able to keep these outages to a minimum for our customers and ensure availability of 99.95% and above. With solutions like Blue-Green Deployments and the use of Docker, Kubernetes, Atlassian Apps and the implementation of the DevOps culture, we also achieve that teams of different departments can work together more easily and efficiently. And in doing so, achieve a direct and, above all, positive impact on the company's goals. 

XALT's plans for 2021 and 2022 at a glance

Along with the new AWS partnership, XALT is tackling several issues. Here's what's next for XALT.

  • Migrating existing solutions, Atlassian plugins and apps to the cloud to make them fit for the future and actively support our existing customers and partners
  • Further development of our existing apps and development of new approaches. And provision of Jira Sync as a stand-alone 3rd party integration for Jira software. 
  • Growth in the DACH region and the USA.
  • Expansion of the teams in the areas of infrastructure, DevOps, development, sales and marketing, distributed across our locations in Munich and Leipzig. 

Cloud computing provides more flexibility

For many companies, 2020 and 2021 will go down in corporate history as a year of change and reorganization - this is the year when the potential of cloud computing becomes clear. With home offices and remote working, a smoothly running software environment with digital processes and tools has become key to a company's agility and long-term success.

In this sense, cloud computing based on AWS plays a crucial role. 

"We have to internalize that a company, in addition to its employees, is dependent on the permanent availability of software. This includes all tools of a company with which the employees work every day. Only when companies guarantee this, all users can fully concentrate on their work and be truly successful." - Philipp G.

The migration of software to the cloud - such as Jira and Confluence from Atlassian - is currently still in its infancy at many German companies. The great advantage of cloud migrations of Atlassian tools is that business processes can also be digitized and automated. This results in further savings and positive effects on the company's goals.

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Digital transformation and cloud computing requires further thoughts

The pandemic has changed many things. Remote work and home office are now inevitably linked to the modern working world. Every company must decide for itself how it lives and shapes this new reality.

In terms of digital transformation and cloud computing, this means implementing new methods and building state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. It is time to look ahead and take things in hand that inevitably, already today, stand for the 21st century. It is time to prepare for further change and to provide all employees with the tools they use every day, everywhere and at all times, which they need for their value-adding work. 

→ Success Story Cloud: Here you can find out how Weltbild was able to improve its service and infrastructure stability with the help of the migration of their ecommerce shop to the cloud.

XALT Team Event 2021

XALT Team Event 2021

It's been two long years since we last organized a team event and met most of us in one place. For our Team Event 2021 we just wanted to do it the classic way. The Alps, or more precisely Garmisch-Partenkirchen 🏔. 

But first of all, the whole team had to go to Munich. And that was best done one day before. So the day before all the Remoties and our team from Leipzig have romped extensively in Munich and of course finally once seen the Munich office live (and experienced 😉).

On Friday, the time had finally come. We went hiking to Garmisch and the Partnachklamm.

Finally arrived, we visited the ski jump and watched the German team during training. Here we as a team finally had the opportunity after two years to get to know all the new team members personally and to strengthen the team cohesion.

Then it went directly further in the direction of Partnachklamm, with the firm goal to the summit. However, must be mentioned here, the whole thing has not really worked. The hunger, or the desire to stop has won then but directly. 

So, what do you do then as a true Munich company? Stop in for a Weißwurst breakfast with a hearty sip of Munich wheat beer (goes without saying here 😉).

After one, two white sausages and a pretzel then went on. Before the entrance to the gorge, it was then first pack everything waterproof. Then we started already. We went through the gorge and up to the Kaiserschmal-Alm. The gorge is a true spectacle of nature. We were lucky that it was still raining the day before and the gorge showed itself from its best side. 

Once we arrived, we went straight to lunch and treated ourselves to a large portion of Kaiserschmarrn. Here we had the opportunity to get to know each other better and to talk to each other. 

Last but not least, late in the afternoon we went back to the valley and for many back home. 

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Advanced Image Gallery Data Center readyiness

Advanced Image Gallery is Confluence Data Center ready

If you've been looking for a solution to spice up your knowledge base and intranet articles in Confluence Data Center with impressive image galleries and sliders, you can stop looking now. The Advanced Image Gallery app is Data Center ready!

Our developers have been working mighty hard and even introduced some cool new features with the latest update. Thank you Maxi, Kati and everyone who helped make this happen.

The Advanced Image Gallery helps you create attractive and good-looking Confluence pages for your internal and external communication. Because nobody wants dull looking posts, right?

  • Edit images directly in Confluence - crop, zoom, rotate and more
  • Use Instagram-like filters
  • High-end performance on all running Confluence Data Center versions

Did you know that it also works with your favorite Confluence apps, ensuring a high level of stability and performance? If you use Linchpin or Refined as your intranet solution or scroll view port for your knowledge base and help center, you can integrate it directly and use it on all your pages that need additional information.

Because as you know, images help you communicate on a whole different level. Your customers or users don't just want good content and instructions, they also want to see exactly how something works.

For your internal content, our gallery will even help you spice up company news and other types of content. Just like we did at our last team event.

Are you ready to use Confluence and the Advanced Image Gallery to create creative posts that help you get your message across even better?
Learn more about the app here and get it free for a whole year!

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Working student at XALT

How working at XALT shapes my university life

Hello Alex, are you a working student at XALT? Please tell us something about yourself, your studies and your role in the company. 

Hi, right, I'm Working student at XALT since May 2020 and study Bioinformatics at the Technical University of Munich. At XALT, I am involved in both internal company work and customer projects. Among other things, I support our DevOps engineers in quality assurance, configuration and documentation of software and/or deployment.

How did you get started at XALT? 

I was contacted promptly after the acceptance of my application in order to start the onboarding directly. The onboarding week was a challenge for me, as I had never worked in an IT company before. First of all, I had to familiarize myself with the tools, workflows, and the Corporate culture familiar.

At the beginning, I could only get to know my colleagues online, but I was still warmly welcomed and invited to join the team. In the beginning, communication was crucial for me, so I felt like I was get involved in projects as quickly as possible and could get an overview of the company processes. 

During my time at XALT so far, I had no problem balancing my studies with work. Of course, I had to do without some free time, as if I would only concentrate on my studies.  

What parallels or differences do you see between working at XALT and your studies? 

In the course of study, we are introduced to basic knowledge of various tools, methods and solution approaches. The methods learned serve as a helpful knowledge base to be able to work on actual problems from everyday work.

The fundamental difference between a project with XALT and in the university is that in the university the work on most projects (for students in the first semesters) is mainly for educational purposes. In a company, meanwhile, there are real tasks (of customers) to be done. Thus, one works with a real and concrete problem, which has to be solved. Moreover, in work the focus is often on a quality result. At university, the focus tends to be more on methodology.


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What impact did the work culture at XALT have on your college life? 

As a bioinformatics student, working in the IT department has broadened my horizons in several areas. Among other things, in the analysis of Big Data, in programming as well as in general teamwork. These are all topics that are also crucial in my studies.

For our projects, for example, I also familiarized myself with DevOps tools, carried out software testing and worked on the project organization. In the process, I was able to gain valuable knowledge about how a company works. My new programming skills gave me a boost in the computer science lectures and exercises at university, for example, as I always had a reference to what can actually be done with programming.

Furthermore, the work at XALT has a positive impact on my productivity at the university. I have learned to organise my work and process tasks in a structured way. This helps me to organise my everyday life in such a way that both my student work, my studies and I as a person can benefit from it.

What are your most important lessons learned from your time at XALT?

In my short time at XALT, I have been able to learn a lot so far. The 5 most important thingsI learned as a working student are:

  • Insight into management and organization of larger IT projects
  • Work in a team of individuals with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.
  • Self-organized work distribution and problem solving
  • Communication setup for remote work
  • Coffee in the morning drives away sorrow and worries 🙂

In summary, I would say that working in a company is a completely different experience to studying at university. This will not be a big surprise. Very different from my point of view are topics like the general problem-solving approach and the different learning methods.

Atlassian Gold Partner

XALT goes gold - Atlassian Gold Partner

Having Partnered up with Atlassian since the very beginning and founding of XALT we acquired the Atlassian Gold Partner Status earlier this year and won’t stop there. Next goal: Platinum Partner!

But how did we achieve this? Atlassian is one of our most important partners and helps us to grow. Even faster than we expected. The Atlassian tool-set, including Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and more, enables us to help our customers on their path of digitization and their very own vision of the future.

Atlassian you might think; that’s Jira and Confluence. And you’re totally right. But those tools enable you to do much more than just project management and having a communication and collaboration hub at your company.

Jira also helps us to build the digital products our customers love. Confluence is our go-to tool for setting up company wikis, Intranets,help centers and knowledge bases’. All these tools combined enables us to grow faster, create the processes we need to strive, and communicate across company borders.

But that's not all. As a DevOps Champion and solution provider, these tools are an integral part of our workflow.

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