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Our contributor Fabienne Gerhard was a guest on the podcast console.log ("hello heroes"); Your former university; The Munich University of Applied Sciences.

The first episode of the podcast is entirely dedicated to the foundation of IT, digitization and transformation and how programming, or code, gives you access to the big picture.

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About the podcast

Codes are boring, computer science is dull at work, and the world of numbers is an end game? No way! In this podcast, hero stories are told that show why programming is colorful.

Led by Professor Dr. Markus Stäuble, the podcast looks at success stories around programming.

About Fabienne

Fabienne's primary focus at XALT is knowledge management, enabling our clients' teams and employees through the implementation of collaboration platforms, Social intranets and learning management systems to promote communication and collaboration within the company.

What is knowledge management?

Knowledge management is the process of creating, sharing, using, and managing an organization's knowledge and information. It includes the systems and processes used to capture, store, distribute, and retrieve knowledge and information. One way is to create a knowledge management system that captures, stores, and retrieves knowledge and information. Another way is to use knowledge management processes that are used to identify, create, store, distribute, and retrieve knowledge and information.

You can find more information about knowledge management in our Webinar.

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