Webinar Platform Engineering: AWS account setup with JSM

In our webinar "Platform Engineering - Building AWS Accounts in Just One Hour with JSM Cloud", our DevOps ambassadors Chris and Ivan, along with Atlassian platform expert Marcin from BSH, introduced the transformative approach of Platform Engineering and how it is revolutionizing cloud infrastructure management for development teams. In our conversation, we discussed the concept of platform engineering, including how [...]

Jira Service Management News from Atlassian's High Velocity Event 2023

Jira Service Management News Atlassian High Velocity 2023

The Atlassian community recently met at the High Velocity event in Sydney. At the event, Atlassian leaders presented groundbreaking new features in Jira Service Management (JSM) and announced new collaborations. JSM customers shared insights into how they are using the Atlassian platform in their business, highlighting how Atlassian is transforming the service [...]

What is Platform Engineering

What is Platform Engineering

IT teams, developers, department heads and CTOs must ensure that applications and digital products are brought to market quickly, efficiently and securely and are always available. However, the conditions for this are often not given. Compliance and security guidelines, as well as long and complicated processes, make it difficult for IT teams to achieve these goals. But this must [...]

Atlassian Cloud: Price changes in October 2023 and product changes in November 2023

Price adjustments Atlassian

The Atlassian Cloud is at the heart of many teams when it comes to effective collaboration. In October 2023, some changes to the pricing structure and the individual products are now pending. These price adjustments affect the Atlassian Cloud products Jira, Jira Service Management, Confluence and Access, among others. The adjustments will take effect for the Atlassian Cloud on October 18 [...]

Jira vs Jira Service Management vs Jira Work Management

Jira vs Jira Service Management vs Jira Work Management

In today's fast-paced digital world, effective project management is the cornerstone of successful business operations. But how do you choose the right tool to manage your projects, optimize your workflows and increase your team's productivity? Dive into the world of Jira - a set of powerful tools that will change the way you work [...]

Digitized business processes for an improved customer and user experience

Digitization of business processes with Jira to improve the customer and user experience

Customers buy from companies that give them the best, most seamless, and easiest digital experience. In today's world, speed is everything. Being first to market and fastest to deliver new features, fix bugs, or ship products within a day is proven to improve user experience and customer satisfaction. Digitized business processes contribute to this and [...]

Guide: 10 Things every new Jira Software Admin should do

Jira Admin todos

Jira software from Atlassian can get very complex very quickly. There are countless plugins, adjusting screws and settings that you can make to individualize Jira. However, all these functions and possibilities quickly lead to the fact that the software becomes quite complex in handling and administration. But don't worry or "don't panic"! We have prepared a small [...]

How to create a (product) help center in Confluence

Creating a Confluence Product Help Center with Scroll Viewport

For companies, providing quality customer support is a huge effort. To avoid getting bogged down in support tickets, many companies today use other customer self-service solutions, such as a help center or a knowledgebase. Companies that actively use customer self-service make it easy for their customers to solve problems themselves, without having to send e-mails or [...]

How to add Jira Service Management to your Confluence Help Center

Confluence Help Center

Help centers and support portals have become an indispensable part of everyday life. Every day, your support team receives requests from users about bugs, problems or other questions. However, it quickly turns out that many of these tickets are similar and can be solved with the help of concrete assistance (e.g. articles or videos). You can then post this content to your Confleuince [...]

How to manage human resources with Jira

Human Resource Management with Jira

There are countless tools for managing human resources. It is usually important that they are easy to implement and can be used by all employees in HR management as quickly as possible. But new tools usually require onboarding, training or additional know-how. But what if your company already uses Jira? Then it is a good idea to [...]


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