The year 2024 holds some significant changes and exciting innovations for Atlassian and its users. Let's take a look at the key points of the Atlassian milestones for 2024 and see how they can impact the way your teams work.


Atlassian Cloud Evolution: Intelligent solutions for efficient collaboration

Atlassian is responding to the challenges teams face in accelerating their workflows. The manual processes and outdated tools that often hinder innovation are to be revolutionized by the introduction of Atlassian Intelligence in the cloud apps.

Manual processes and outdated tools often hinder innovation and slow down productivity.
Atlassian Intelligence brings advanced AI capabilities to cloud services that accelerate work and increase efficiency.

Atlassian services

Focus on AI: Generative AI capabilities for new perspectives

Traditional tools often can't keep up with the demands of collaboration and productivity. Atlassian relies on generative AI capabilities to make progress here.

Generative AI capabilities enable teams to work smarter and respond flexibly to change. The following video from Atlassian provides a good first insight into what the new Atlassian Intelligence can already afford:

Retiring server products: migration strategies for a smooth future

With the end of support for Atlassian's server products on February 15th, 2024 companies are faced with the challenge of developing clear migration strategies.

The discontinuation of server products leads to uncertainty, security risks and compliance issues. Atlassian and we encourage you to proactively migrate to the cloud to address security and compliance issues and pave the way for future innovation.

In our White paper on cloud migration we will go into the most important points in more detail.

Cost-optimized and secure infrastructure with Container8

Price adjustments for Data Center: Costs and benefits at a glance

Important price adjustments and product changes for Atlassian Data Center will take effect on February 15, 2024. In order to continue to provide you with best-in-class services, Atlassian is moderately adjusting the list prices for certain Data Center products. Prices will increase by an average of 5-15%, depending on user tier. This adjustment represents the first price increase for Atlassian Data Center products in the last three years.

Furthermore, Atlassian is offering an even more attractive pricing option with the introduction of Advantaged Pricing for Jira Software and Confluence. With this update, Advantaged Pricing for Confluence will match the list price for Data Center.

Product% AdjustmentAverage adjustment
 List price adjustment 
Data Center Jira Software500-1,000 users - 5%
1,001-5,000 users - 10%
5,001+ users - 15%
500-1,000 users- 5%
1,001-5,000 users - 10%
5,001+ users - 15%
Data Center Jira Service Management50-1,000 agents - 5%
1,001-5,000 agents - 10%
5,001+ agents - 15%
50-1,000 agents - 5%
1,001-5,000 agents - 10%
5,001+ agents - 15%
Data Center Confluence
500-1,000 users - 5%
1,001-5,000 users - 10%
5,001+ users - 15%
500-1,000 users - 5%
1,001-5,000 users - 10%
5,001+ users- 15%
Advantage price adjustment
Jira Software25%25%

Team`24 Las Vegas: The event for Atlassian enthusiasts

A milestone in the Atlassian Roadmap 2024 is the Team Event from April 30 to May 3 in Las Vegas. As a proud Atlassian Gold Partner, Platform Engineering Leader and exhibitor at Team`24 in Las Vegas, we will be presenting the latest developments and strategies. Look forward to a free and personal strategy review at Team`24 by TEAM XALT.

You can also find our playlist of the Team`23 videos from last year on YouTube. Helicopter flight included.

Participation in the Team '24 event offers the opportunity to learn first-hand from Atlassian experts what the future holds.


The Atlassian Roadmap for 2024 not only promises exciting innovations, but also ensures that teams are best prepared for the changing digital landscape. Smart migration to the cloud, utilization of AI capabilities and participation in events such as Team'24 are key components to ensure digital success. As an Atlassian Gold Partner, XALT is therefore not only a provider of tools, but also a guide to efficient, innovative and secure collaboration.