11 creative Jira announcement banner examples

Creative examples for Jira announcement banners


As a Jira user, you know how important clear communication and collaboration between team members is to ensure successful project completion. That's where Jira Announcement Banners come in - a powerful tool to communicate important information and updates to your team members.

Jira announcement banners are a great way to grab your team's attention and let them know about important changes, upcoming deadlines, and new releases. Whether you're a project manager, a team leader, or a developer, the right announcement banner can help you communicate effectively with your team and keep everyone on the same page.

In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the best examples of Jira announcement banners and show you how you can use them to improve communication and collaboration within your team. We'll also discuss the benefits of announcement banners and give you tips on how to create effective banners to get your message across. So, without further ado, let's explore different examples of Jira announcement banners!

Read this articlel to learn how to add a Jira announcement banner to your Jira and add links.

Jira announcement banner example

Jira announcement banner examples

Project updates

Keep your team informed about the latest project updates and changes with an announcement banner. Whether it's a new release, a critical bug fix, or a change in project scope, an announcement banner lets you communicate these updates to your team in a timely and effective manner.

Example: "Attention team members: There will be a new version next week. Please complete all necessary testing and bug fixes by Friday. Let's work together to ensure a successful release!"

Announcements for new team members

Has a new team member joined your project? Or is a team member leaving you? An announcement banner is a great way to introduce new team members and say goodbye to departing ones. It's a great way to build team cohesion and make sure everyone knows who's on the team.

Example: "Welcome to our new team member, John! John will be working with us as a developer and taking care of the backend infrastructure. Let's give him a warm welcome and help him get up to speed."

Critical problems

Sometimes urgent issues can arise that require immediate attention. An announcement banner can be used to alert team members to these issues and give them guidance on how to resolve them. This can help prevent further problems and keep your project on track.

Example: "Urgent: We have detected a critical security issue during login. Please review the suggested fixes immediately and implement them to prevent further security breaches."


An announcement banner can be used to remind team members of upcoming deadlines. This can ensure that everyone is aware of the schedule and can work together to achieve the project goals.

Example: "Just a friendly reminder that the final deadline for the UX redesign project is coming up soon. Please complete all necessary tasks by the end of Wednesday so that we can meet the project timeline.

Company updates

In addition to project-specific updates, an announcement banner can also be used to communicate company-wide updates, such as policy changes or new initiatives. In this way, team members are informed about the broader context of their work and a sense of connection to the entire organization is fostered.

Example: "Attention team members: We are introducing a new working hours policy with immediate effect. Please read the policy and adjust your working hours if necessary."

Training and development

Do you have a new training or professional development opportunity that your team members can attend? An announcement banner can help publicize these opportunities and encourage team members to sign up and improve their skills.

Example: "Exciting news! We have teamed up with a leading training provider to offer a range of training courses to all team members. Check out the course catalog and sign up for the courses that interest you!"

Product updates

If you are working on a product development project, an announcement banner can be used to inform customers or end users about updates. This way you can keep them informed about new features, bug fixes and other important changes to the product.

Example: "Great news for our users! We've just released a major update to our mobile app that includes some new features and bug fixes. Check it out and let us know what you think!"

Safety warnings

Suppose there is a security vulnerability or other security-related issue. In this case, an announcement banner can be used to alert team members to the problem and provide guidance on how to resolve it. This can help prevent further damage and ensure that everyone is taking the necessary steps to protect the project and the organization.

Example: "Important: We have detected a phishing scam targeting our organization. Please read the warning and take the necessary measures to protect your accounts and data."

Success Stories

Sometimes it's important to celebrate the successes of your team and project. An announcement banner can be used to share success stories and recognize team members for their hard work and contributions. This can boost morale and create a positive team culture.

Example: "Congratulations to our team for completing the project on time and under budget! This was a true team effort and we are grateful for everyone's hard work and dedication. Let's celebrate our success!"

Opportunities for collaboration

Finally, an announcement banner can also be used to highlight collaboration opportunities such as hackathons, design sprints, or other cross-functional projects. This can help break down silos and encourage team members to work together on innovative solutions.

Example: "Calling all designers, developers and project managers! We're launching a design sprint next week to develop ideas for our next product release. Sign up to the team and help us create something great!"

System updates or downtime

If you're planning a system upgrade or maintenance shutdown, you can use an announcement banner to communicate the details and minimize disruption to team members or end users. This way, you can ensure that everyone is aware of the schedule and can plan their work accordingly.

Example: "Attention team members: We will be performing a scheduled system update on Saturday, March 20 from 12pm to 3pm. During this time, the system will not be available. Please plan your work accordingly and contact the IT team if you have any questions or problems."

Summary: Jira announcement banner

Overall, Jira announcement banners are an effective tool for improving communication and collaboration within your team. By using clear and concise wording, highlighting important information, and placing the banner in a highly visible location, you can ensure that your message is seen and heard by everyone who needs to know. Try it out and see how your team and project can benefit from an announcement banner.

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