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TeamXALT Summer Event 2023

Building strong relationships within a company is vital for a positive and productive work environment in the fast-paced corporate world. For this reason, TeamXALT recently came together at the Leipzig office for a summer team event. As the team is spread all over Germany and beyond, we used the 2 days to strengthen our team spirit by connecting on a personal level, collaborating face-to-face, and having a great time together during fun activities and delicious food. Furthermore, we wanted to take the next step in our corporate strategy. This article highlights the key aspects of the event.

Building personal connections

One of the most significant benefits of team events is the chance to meet colleagues face-to-face and strengthen personal connections. XALT's team event created an ideal atmosphere for employees to have relaxed conversations on the day-to-day work and beyond their workstations. With employees spread across various locations and departments, this gathering fostered a sense of unity and created a shared sense of purpose.

As XALT has experienced impressive growth over the past six months, it was also an excellent platform for integrating a lot of new talents into the Team and the corporate culture . Through icebreaker activities, several team workshops, and informal conversations, both new and existing employees got to know each other personally - to find commonalities and learn exciting details from each other.

Strategy Workshops: Forging the path ahead

XALT’s founder & CEO, Philipp Göllner, seized the opportunity during the team event to introduce his vision and the strategy for the company. This was followed by team workshops in which every group could figure out their possibilities to contribute expertise and ideas to support the company’s strategy and help shape the future of XALT.
On the second day, each group also defined an action plan to drive their initiatives forward and bring their ideas to life. Ultimately, the workshops encouraged creativity and innovation and strengthened a collective sense of ownership among the employees, strengthening their commitment to the company's success.

Capturing the team spirit

In a professional photoshoot, our photographer captured the team's genuine smiles and positive energy as a reminder of the team spirit that defines the XALT culture. Moreover, these photographs will find their place on the company website, social media platforms, and internal communication channels.


Besides the professional aspects of the team event, XALT ensured that the 2 days were filled with fun, laughter, delicious food, and snacks, strengthening the bonds that will undoubtedly enhance collaboration in the future. Ultimately, our team event perfectly balanced professional development and enjoyable experiences, further cementing XALT's commitment to its employees' well-being and success.

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XALT Team Event 2021

XALT Team Event 2021

It's been two long years since we last organized a team event and met most of us in one place. For our Team Event 2021 we just wanted to do it the classic way. The Alps, or more precisely Garmisch-Partenkirchen ????. 

But first of all, the whole team had to go to Munich. And that was best done one day before. So the day before all the Remoties and our team from Leipzig have romped extensively in Munich and of course finally once seen the Munich office live (and experienced ????).

On Friday, the time had finally come. We went hiking to Garmisch and the Partnachklamm.

Finally arrived, we visited the ski jump and watched the German team during training. Here we as a team finally had the opportunity after two years to get to know all the new team members personally and to strengthen the team cohesion.

Then it went directly further in the direction of Partnachklamm, with the firm goal to the summit. However, must be mentioned here, the whole thing has not really worked. The hunger, or the desire to stop has won then but directly. 

So, what do you do then as a true Munich company? Stop in for a WeiĂźwurst breakfast with a hearty sip of Munich wheat beer (goes without saying here ????).

After one, two white sausages and a pretzel then went on. Before the entrance to the gorge, it was then first pack everything waterproof. Then we started already. We went through the gorge and up to the Kaiserschmal-Alm. The gorge is a true spectacle of nature. We were lucky that it was still raining the day before and the gorge showed itself from its best side. 

Once we arrived, we went straight to lunch and treated ourselves to a large portion of Kaiserschmarrn. Here we had the opportunity to get to know each other better and to talk to each other. 

Last but not least, late in the afternoon we went back to the valley and for many back home. 

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