Advanced Image Gallery Data Center readyiness

Advanced Image Gallery is Confluence Data Center ready

If you've been looking for a solution to spice up your knowledge base and intranet articles in Confluence Data Center with impressive image galleries and sliders, you can stop looking now. The Advanced Image Gallery app is Data Center ready!

Our developers have been working mighty hard and even introduced some cool new features with the latest update. Thank you Maxi, Kati and everyone who helped make this happen.

The Advanced Image Gallery helps you create attractive and good-looking Confluence pages for your internal and external communication. Because nobody wants dull looking posts, right?

  • Edit images directly in Confluence - crop, zoom, rotate and more
  • Use Instagram-like filters
  • High-end performance on all running Confluence Data Center versions

Did you know that it also works with your favorite Confluence apps, ensuring a high level of stability and performance? If you use Linchpin or Refined as your intranet solution or scroll view port for your knowledge base and help center, you can integrate it directly and use it on all your pages that need additional information.

Because as you know, images help you communicate on a whole different level. Your customers or users don't just want good content and instructions, they also want to see exactly how something works.

For your internal content, our gallery will even help you spice up company news and other types of content. Just like we did at our last team event.

Are you ready to use Confluence and the Advanced Image Gallery to create creative posts that help you get your message across even better?
Learn more about the app here and get it free for a whole year!

Click here for the Image Gallery.

Jira User Problem Solving with User Switcher for Jira

How to analyze and solve user problems as a Jira Admin in no time at all

As your company's Jira admin, you're always getting messages from users who are having problems with their Jira. Sometimes you can't access a certain function, sometimes certain views and information are not available. However, it is then not always possible for you as an admin to understand what the cause of the problem is. The easiest way would be to see the problem from the user's point of view and be able to test live. There is an app for this in the Atlassian Marketplace. The user switcher

What is the User Switcher?

The User Switcher is an app for Jira and Confluence, which allows you to connect directly to a user's account and view the Jira instance in its configuration and with its permissions. 

The app includes some security precautions. Firstly, it can only be used by admins. Misuse by other users is therefore out of the question. On the other hand, it is also possible that even admins cannot view certain user groups (for example, C-Level, IT Security, etc.).

How does the User Switcher work?

Viewing User Profiles with User Switcher for Jira

The app is integrated directly into your Jira and is accessed via shortcuts. For example, you type "xx" on your keyboard. Afterwards, a popup opens in which you can search for users and connect to the user. In addition, you can use the key "who" to display which user you are currently looking at. 

What are typical problems? 

1. traceability of the problem for the Jira Admin not possible despite access and read permission

As an admin, you probably know it too. A user reports a problem with his Jira. For example, he can no longer view or edit a certain ticket despite access and read permission, although other tickets of the project can be edited without restrictions. 

Despite the exact description of the problem, it is not possible for you as a Jira admin to reproduce the problem. A problem search is then accordingly difficult. The solution in this case is to have the user's login data handed over to you (e.g. with a temporary password), which in turn would have data protection consequences. Or you would have to analyze and solve the problem together with the user via Zoom or on site. In any case, this would lead to additional time expenditure.

2. dashboards are displayed incorrectly

Many Jira users always rely on their dashboard to get important information about tickets and projects. From time to time, however, important data is no longer displayed correctly for the user. 

As a Jira admin, this means laboriously putting together a JQL query to figure out why the dashboard is buggy for the user. Another approach is that the user shares the dashboard and the set filters with you, the admin. Only then it is possible to get more information and to analyze the problem deeper.

The problem with both approaches, however, is that 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed. This can only be ensured in this scenario if you connect to the user as an admin. The background here is that some information is only visible and released for the relevant user (despite admin permissions).

Both scenarios reflect a similar basic problem: a Jira admin can only analyze and solve the problem with difficulty due to a lack of direct access to the affected account.

The solution: User Switcher for Jira

The User Switcher for Jira allows an admin to connect to the account of the affected user at any time. This usually eliminates the need to quickly find the cause via complex approaches. Excessive time and effort is a thing of the past and you as an admin can take care of important tasks again. In addition, the administration is further simplified.

User profile take over and data protection? - Is that possible?

Privacy in the User Switcher

Maybe you're thinking to yourself: That's all well and good. But maybe I'm not allowed to connect to certain user groups. 

In all companies, there is a large amount of data that must not be visible to conventional users (including Jira admins). This applies especially to sensitive project data, financial data or even C-level data or IT security. 

In such a case it is possible to configure the user switcher in such a way that even admins can only access certain user groups. All others are then not visible for you as admin. 

This also ensures the data protection (and compliance) of your company and protects sensitive data from prying eyes.

Advanced Image Gallery

Your secret weapon for a brilliant customer experience in your Confluence help center

Image Gallery and Slider for Confluence