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Order process automation and digitalization for our client from the financial sector

About the project

A leading international company in the financial sector in Germany, with over 500 employees, was faced with the challenge of digitizing its ordering process and this project due to the Corona pandemic. On the one hand, this was intended to start the change in the process landscape and, on the other hand, to reduce the time between order request and release. And thus significantly save costs and resources through time savings and increase the efficiency of the employees.

Hard facts of the project

Products used

Atlassian Jira, JSU, Jira ScriptRunner and Confluence for project documentation.

Solution and Methology

Agile sprints with a cross-functional team, DevOps, Cloud Native, Liberated Content Management (Anyone can write news)

Digitization of the purchasing process at a company from the financial sector

Why should the process be digitized?

The ordering process within companies is often lengthy, Sync and corrections by wilson0804 and inflexible. Before the process was digitized, every outgoing order or purchase was handled in analog. In addition, each order had to be approved by all departments involved. one after another be released. 

The use of internal house mail slowed down the ordering process even further and often resulted in the offers contained in the orders losing their validity.

Another factor why a Digitalization of the ordering process important for the company from the financial sector was the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic. This meant that a large number of employees had to work remotely or from home on an ad hoc basis. This slowed down the ordering process even more due to additional work steps (printing out and scanning in documents).

Objective - What is to be achieved with the digitization of the purchasing process?

In the collaboration between the client and XALT, the overall goal was to transform the existing purchasing or ordering process not only in Jira digitized, but to make it comprehensible for every employee and to make it possible that several process owners can work on one order at the same time. 

In addition, another requirement of our customer was to Share to a possible issue type in Jira and to link the enable digital signing with the project management tool Jira.

Notifications, release and auditability of the process

A key issue for many companies is process, Identify a stakeholder of a responsible department who can approve the procurement of external goods and service providers. 

With our solution for the digitalization of the procurement process, all responsible Automatically notified by email when their consent is required. This ensures that the company does not overlook any important order and that all offers are valid. It also speeds up the process by notifying each stakeholder who needs to sign off on a purchase at the right time.

The Traceability and traceability of the procurement process was a key concern that our customer wanted to solve. There was no central system for the management and Control of the various process steps. As a result, it was difficult to track or report what happened at each stage of the process or who was responsible for specific actions. A consistent Reporting along all process steps was therefore difficult to, not possible at all.


50% Time saving

Faster ordering process using Jira and integrations for automation like ScriptRunner or JSU.

Multi User Process

Simultaneous processing of an order by all departments or stakeholders involved.

100% Compliance Safe

Ensure compliance and security along the entire process.

frontend user interface

Simple user interface for creating and processing orders or purchases.

Reporting and Transprenz

Transparency along the entire process for all parties involved.

Challenges and solution

Ordering Process: Workflow mapping in Jira

The ordering process should be made more efficient through digitalization in the retain the existing structure be used to simplify the transition to a digital workflow. 

Furthermore, it should be ensured that the process is accessible to all departments and process owners at all times. available for viewing and can be processed by any responsible employee, but at the same time the order cannot be released by the initiator. This ensures that the compliance guidelines are adhered to.

Our solution

With the help of the functionality of the ticket and issue system of Jira, the manual ordering process could be transferred into a digital environment. All active tickets or orders are managed by a customized Kanban Board visualized and displayed. 

This allows at any time the Status of existing orders and ensure that further or relevant information is available. Information and file attachments are accessible at all times.

In addition, a user-oriented User Interface added. This enables the employee to access all relevant information directly via a central form to be entered. The advantage of such a solution is that, depending on the input, automatically the Responsibilities (e.g. departments) are defined and the ordering party no longer has to make any additional manual entries.

Simultaneous and interdepartmental processing of orders

Another challenge was to achieve a simultaneous and interdepartmental Editing of orders to further accelerate the process.

In addition, this should ensure that each department independent from each other can drive the process forward.

Our solution

The solution was to use the JSU plugin to map the ordering process in its entirety, and to include all the Requirements could be fulfilled. Furthermore, the solution makes it possible to at any time Adjustments in the order process to make. 

This ensures that all purchase orders are always kept up to date and that every person responsible for the process has access to the individual purchase order. If changes in a purchase order still require a new release, the system sends an automatic notification to the responsible persons. 

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the previously required Signature on the Excel sheet with a digital signature has been replaced.

Would you like to learn more about the digitalization of your business processes?

Processes are as diverse as your company. The transformation to digital business processes is therefore not an easy undertaking and requires consistent action and persuasion in your company.

Ticket creation and update notifications

A function should be integrated which allows each department relevant or responsible for the order to create a automatic Notification receives information about the current status of the order and, in addition, in the event of non-processing, a Reminder receives by e-mail.

ordering process digitalization

Our solution

With the Jira ScriptRunner plugin and the JSU Automation Suite, XALT was able to implement a wide variety of Behavior and Automations to implement. 

In the case of our customer, this means that through the JSU tool each process owner has a Notification receives as soon as a new ticket created or by a other department released was. 

In addition, a Reminder for "forgotten releases", which automatically sends a notification to the responsible employee.

Added value and result

In the first step, the process was mapped in continuous consultation with our customer, all departments involved in the ordering process were included and coordinated with the requirements. We then began to develop the Map process in Jira using ScriptRunner and JSU. 

It was particularly important that only one issue type could be selected within the ordering process. This was to ensure that the process had the necessary agility and simplicity (lean process).

Reporting of KPIs

With the help of Jira or Jira Service Management, we enabled our customer to collect traceable data and analyze their key KPIs of the process. This ensures that all process steps can be further improved over time.

Tracking critical SLAs and team utilization is thus possible on a continuous basis. 

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