Atlassian Jira

We consult you in the integration of Jira software as a project management tool in your company. 

From licenses, hosting, cloud, data center, implementation, consulting and training, as well as configuration, service and support - we accompany you in all topics. 

Atlassian Jira
XALT Atlassian Gold Solution Partner

Flexible and individually tailored to you

Better collaboration - It's that simple

With Jira, you always have all your and your team's tasks in view. This software from Atlassian is one of the most outstanding project management tools for teams of all sizes and all departments;

Whether it's software development, marketing, human resources, product management or support. Use Jira for task management, idea management, requirements management, service management / ITSM and as a support center.

Increase the efficiency and collaboration of your teams with Jira.

Our support

As a certified Atlassian Gold Solution partner, we can help you integrate Jira into your organization.

We also offer consulting for the provision of licenses and the Personalization as well as configuration of your instance and offer you comprehensive support services . 

Jira Configuration

Jira Configuration

We configure the instance for you and set it up according to your needs.


We support you with the installation of the right plugins and integrations.

Individual solutions

We customize Jira entirely to your needs with individual solutions and code.

Using Jira in the cloud - Atlassian Cloud or Data Center? We can help you choose the right solution for your business.

Our consulting services

XALT Jira and Confluence Consulting

Consulting and Setup

Together with you and your team, we will work out how you can efficiently implement Jira in your company. 

To ensure that the integration succeeds optimally, we'll accompany you through every phase. From the first setup, user administration, role allocation, security aspects and setting up your workflows.

In addition, we help your team get to grips with Jira and offer you individual training and coaching.

Migration to the cloud

Would you like to use Jira and Confluence in the cloud? Together, we'll develop a roadmap for migrating your existing workflows and tools to the cloud.

We then replicate your existing system in the (Atlassian) cloud. This way, your team can get started right after the migration.


Integrating Jira into your organization can only succeed if it works optimally with your existing software mix.

We help you integrate the Atlassian software stack with your current software stack.

Every solution for your business - CRM, support and service management, single sign-on (SSO), databases, human resources and more.

Using Jira in the cloud - Atlassian Cloud or Data Center? We can help you choose the right solution for your business.

Individual solutions with Jira and Confluence

Jira Sync - Synchronize multiple instances and projects with each other

Synchronize all imaginable properties of your tickets across any department, in any direction, and between multiple cross-enterprise teams in real-time

Experience unlimited possibilities and customize Jira Sync to fit your exact scenario.

Advanced Issue Sync for Jira. Synchronize Jira tickets, comments, attachments, workflows and more Jira Sync
Jira and Confluence Authorization Management

Jira and Confluence Authorization Management

Our solution helps you to master the growing requirements of user access and authorization management in Jira and Confluence.

  • Easily manage user and group authorizations
  • Accelerate your authorization management and save valuable time.

HR Tool - Accelerate your application processes

Use Jira for your application and recruiting workflows 

  • Use our solution for candidate tracking. Important tasks as well as document uploads can be automated.
  • Manage your applications including attachments, comments and emails.
  • Receive applications via your website directly in Jira, with a customizable form.
Applicant management with Jira Service Management: Manage your applicant management with XALT's HR

Atlassian License Management

We not only advise you on integrating Jira into your company, but also proactively take care of your ongoing Atlassian licenses. In addition, we provide you with comprehensive advice on individual solutions, licenses and offer you extensive support services. 

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