Atlassian / Linchpin Use Case

New redesign of User-Centered Intranet based on Linchpin

Hard facts of the project

Products used

Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian Crowd, SSO with Company internal User Directory Linchpin Intranet Suite, Advanced Image Gallery, Include+, k15t Translations, NewRelic, Elastic Stack, Amazon Web Services, Docker, Kubernetes, Kibana

Solution and Methology

Development of an intranet based on Confluence with Linchpin. Joint evaluation of apps, user authorization management, corporate branding, introduction and workshops for editorial use.

About our partners

About BSH Household Appliances

"The BSH Household Appliances GmbH is the largest manufacturer of household appliances in Europe and one of the world's leading companies in this industry. Around 40 manufacturing sites and a strong network of some 80 sales, production and service companies in around 50 countries form the foundation of BSH's customer-focused business model.

Being the first choice for consumers worldwide drives the company and its employees. With its exceptional brands, high-quality products and superior solutions, BSH aims to improve the quality of people's lives."

Background of the project

The goal of the project was to replace the top-down intranet communicationin order to give every user, not just the editorial team, the possibility to participate in a transparent and thematic intranet. In addition, a platform based on Atlassian Confluence with the support of Linchpin software was created, which was adapted to the specifications of BSH. Linchpin expands the basic functions of Confluence for the most important requirements of a holistic intranet. BSH's concept was based on the standard software with the expertise of the external partners, XALT and init.

The software from Atlassian - primarily Jira and Confluence - were already in use at BSH in various areas, including as a corporate Wiki. Until the go-live of the new intranet, the company-owned intranet was built on Microsoft Sharepoint. The main problems in using the old system were:

About the Project 

After the decision to build a new Intranet, a time-frame of around a year was established, to create a new, better platform and migrate the content to the new environment.

In consultation with BSH, a Cross Functional Team was founded for technical and conceptual implementation of the project in the specified time frames.

One the one hand, the team consisted of initwhose team members have given support to the conceptual themes and to corporate communication. On the other hand, the global development team of BSH was supported by long-time Linchpin partner XALT in the areas of Atlassian and DevOps.

At the forefront of the project, BSH had formulated USPs (Unique-Selling-Points) , which represent certain expected management characteristics of the new intranet in order to set it apart from other projects and from the competition as a unique selling point. These unique selling propositions included:


Our recipe for a successful implementation was: to be quick and to have a cross-functional team that has all the necessary skills to achieve something big. For this reason, we have created a team with motivated business stakeholders, IT staff and external partners, such as XALT in terms of technical implementation and init in terms of conception, which can deliver on a daily basis using Agile and DevOps methods.

– Peter Giglinger, BSH Household Appliances GmbH

Practical implementation

Of course, DevOps best practices are used in an intranet project. Great importance is attached to the fact that the project team always participates directly by making simple adjustments to the source code, such as Texts in the interface.

Through quality control with pull requests, it is assured that everything is working correctly. In this way, it's possible without weeks-long discussions to get features ready and to maintain a tight timeline.

The individual steps in the practical implementation of the project can be considered in the following video :

Added value and result

The intranet is now actively used by more than 60,000 BSH employees, is available in 25 languages and is used in around 51 countries. XALT provided a tailor-made solution especially for the BSH intranet project. This includes the creation of a custom theme for the intranet and the development of several Atlassian apps according to BSH's wishes.

The app by the name of "Advanced Image Gallery" (Complimentary test license) supports the team to organize, select and edit galleries of various pictures inside an intranet page. The plugin makes it very easy to change desired settings for images, such as display type, width and height, caption and copyright. For Confluence users, the plugin is also available on the Atlassian Marketplace as a macro for Confluence.

Further additional positive effects of the redesign and replacement of the intranet can be summarized as follows:

Further information on the project is also available to read in the Use Case of init : BSH Household Appliances Digital Workplace

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