TeamXALT in Las Vegas at Team23 by Atlassian

Team XALT in Vegas at Team23 by Atlassian

It's April 2023 and for TeamXALT, it's off to Las Vegas for Atlassian's Team23. This special event and conference is all about the latest developments in the Atlassian ecosystem, including new products, partner apps and services. The Atlassian team gives keynote presentations on the latest developments, and there's also a forum for discussion and breakout sessions for all attendees.

What did we do on Team23?

"We came to Team23 because we wanted to learn about the latest developments in the Atlassian ecosystem and have a glimpse of what happens next." (Mario S., Marketing) Seeing the exciting developments and being here at the conference in Las Vegas, "to talk to all the customers and partners and see the new solutions; you have so many ideas in your head all at once." (Philipp G., CEO & Founder XALT).

At the conference we learned a lot about upcoming products and the announced improvements. We are looking forward to testing and using them in the coming year.

And as Philipp said, "This is just the beginning", and we are ready to learn more and take XALT to the next level.

Work hard, play hard

But not to forget, we didn’t “just” travel to Las Vegas for pure business reasons but also to grow even closer together as a team. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to be here with a large part of TeamXALT, having fun and making contacts.

Remote work is part of our DNA, but it also comes with a catch: we can't always see each other, and building team cohesion can be hard. However, being a modern company also means that our team can work from anywhere and have the opportunity to meet in person on a regular basis.

For these two reasons, the trip to Las Vegas for Team23 was a must and something we plan to repeat in the years to come.

We think differently

At XALT, we think differently. We want to build a team that sticks together and where everyone has the same goal in mind when it comes to tackling demanding challenges. At XALT, we don’t just consult our customers; we see ourselves as a member of our customer’s team and autonomously solve pressing questions or problems for them.

We are always looking to learn about the latest and greatest technologies and approaches to overcome difficult challenges for our clients. As our CEO and founder says, "TeamXALT is a special mix of people. It’s not only about the technology; it’s about helping our clients to succeed in their industry."

We even go one step further: We can only overcome difficult challenges if our team is successful. That's why we want them to be happy and not only work hard, but also party and have fun sometimes.

XALT is "a great place to work (...) with lots of challenges, but we never forget that work should be fun too." (Michael Ellis, Management Consultant)

But enough talking. We all know images, or in this case, videos, say more than a thousand words. Check out how we at XALT take in a whole week in Las Vegas (and the conference, of course, ????).

Here's a little teaser: Helicopter ???? plus Grand Canyon ????️ = Once-in-a-lifetime experience (Episode 4).

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