TeamXALT in Las Vegas at Team23 by Atlassian

Team XALT in Vegas at Team23 by Atlassian

It's April 2023 and for TeamXALT, it's off to Las Vegas for Atlassian's Team23. This special event and conference is all about the latest developments in the Atlassian ecosystem, including new products, partner apps and services. The Atlassian team gives keynote presentations on the latest developments, and there's also a forum for discussion and breakout sessions for all attendees.

What did we do on Team23?

"We came to Team23 because we wanted to learn about the latest developments in the Atlassian ecosystem and have a glimpse of what happens next." (Mario S., Marketing) Seeing the exciting developments and being here at the conference in Las Vegas, "to talk to all the customers and partners and see the new solutions; you have so many ideas in your head all at once." (Philipp G., CEO & Founder XALT).

At the conference we learned a lot about upcoming products and the announced improvements. We are looking forward to testing and using them in the coming year.

And as Philipp said, "This is just the beginning", and we are ready to learn more and take XALT to the next level.

Work hard, play hard

But not to forget, we didn’t “just” travel to Las Vegas for pure business reasons but also to grow even closer together as a team. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to be here with a large part of TeamXALT, having fun and making contacts.

Remote work is part of our DNA, but it also comes with a catch: we can't always see each other, and building team cohesion can be hard. However, being a modern company also means that our team can work from anywhere and have the opportunity to meet in person on a regular basis.

For these two reasons, the trip to Las Vegas for Team23 was a must and something we plan to repeat in the years to come.

We think differently

At XALT, we think differently. We want to build a team that sticks together and where everyone has the same goal in mind when it comes to tackling demanding challenges. At XALT, we don’t just consult our customers; we see ourselves as a member of our customer’s team and autonomously solve pressing questions or problems for them.

We are always looking to learn about the latest and greatest technologies and approaches to overcome difficult challenges for our clients. As our CEO and founder says, "TeamXALT is a special mix of people. It’s not only about the technology; it’s about helping our clients to succeed in their industry."

We even go one step further: We can only overcome difficult challenges if our team is successful. That's why we want them to be happy and not only work hard, but also party and have fun sometimes.

XALT is "a great place to work (...) with lots of challenges, but we never forget that work should be fun too." (Michael Ellis, Management Consultant)

But enough talking. We all know images, or in this case, videos, say more than a thousand words. Check out how we at XALT take in a whole week in Las Vegas (and the conference, of course, ????).

Here's a little teaser: Helicopter ???? plus Grand Canyon ????️ = Once-in-a-lifetime experience (Episode 4).

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Customer orientation at XALT

Customer focus: XALT as part of the team

In the past year, we were able to achieve a significant increase in our customer's FathWe are happy to share with you not only insights into XALT and what makes XALT tick, but also how we worked together with Fath and Atlassian on this successful project. At this point we are happy to give you not only insights into XALT and what XALT is all about, but also how we worked together with Fath and Atlassian on this successful project.

Insights into XALT

As XALT, we see ourselves not just as a service provider, but as part of their team. We step in for them, lend a hand and make their lives easier wherever we can. Because we know: We can only really make a difference if we work hand in hand and put customer orientation first.

Team XALT - What makes us tick

Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and we are proud to work with them to realize their visions.

At XALT, we are always looking for people who are willing to think outside the box, take on new challenges and have a desire to change the (IT) world together with us. 

We are convinced that each and every one of us has the potential to achieve extraordinary things if we work together as a team. That's why we attach great importance to creating an environment in which everyone can develop their strengths and contribute to the company's success. Every individual counts for us, because we believe that we can only achieve great things together.

The migration of Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket

The cloud is becoming increasingly important for many companies and is a central component for business success. To ensure that Fath is well prepared for the future and that their systems are secure and resilient, we migrated Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket to the Atlassian Cloud. 

In the past, FATH was confronted with regular system failures (downtimes) of their data center hosted Atlassian applications confronted. With each downtime, the cost of troubleshooting, performing post-mortem analysis, and staffing for system recovery has increased.

Among other things, the cloud enables cost savings in maintenance, operations and managed infrastructure. Upgrades are much easier to perform, and most importantly, it gives teams the flexibility to manage their work in a shared environment.

Success Story: Successfully using the Atlassian Cloud

Experience the success of the cloud! Learn how Fath benefited from improved efficiency, flexibility, system availability and cost savings. 

Read now the inspiring success story about the migration of Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket into the Atlassian Cloud.

2021 Throwback

2021 Throwback and what's to come

The year is nearing its end and the time has come to celebrate Christmas and New Year with your friends, family and loved ones. Earlier this year, we had some big plans. Grow #TeamXALT, release new products and become a well-trusted co-pilot and partner in our customer's projects.

Like others, we also wanted to recap what we achieved this year and if we accomplished our set goals for 2021.

#TeamXALT grows in numbers

During the year, we welcomed lots of new teammates. We grew our consulting, marketing, operations and development teams and welcomed Mario, Tobias, Nadine, Ben, Katharina and more.

Growing in numbers allowed us to not only acquire more customers and satisfy the demand for hybrid work solutions like intranets, knowledge bases and DevOps solutions but also improved the way we communicate with our customers and be their co-pilots for their vital projects and growth.

Being able to work side by side with such incredible people is a privilege for the TEAM XALT. Therefore, we wanted to say thank you for all of your input and hard work.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, we also decided to get together for a team event at the beginning of October and went for a hike in the Bavarian Alps for a change of pace and to bond even further as a team. Hopefully, we'll be able to plan more team events in person next year.

As we continue to grow, we are always searching for new talents that help us to achieve our main goal; Simplifying IT.

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Working remotely & hybrid consulting and software development

Due to Covid-19, not all went as planned and lead to unexpected challenges. May it be the fact that remote and hybrid work solutions needed to be implemented fast or the once bulletproof approach in consulting, being on-premise changed drastically. The shift from on-premise to digital consulting forced us and our customers to shift our approach fast.

Together with our customers, we decided to go boom or bust and pursue our joint projects remotely. And what can we say, we experienced some challenges along the road. But within a few months, everything worked out like a charm and we feel more comfortable than ever working remotely. Nonetheless, we also cherish the opportunity to meet our customers in person and look forward to inviting them to our offices in Munich and Leipzig as soon as possible.

Container8 - The all-in-one DevOps as a Service Platform went live

What we are certainly most proud of is the release of the Container8 DevOps as a Service platform, enabling product teams to release software, updates and new features to the market faster than ever before.

When Philipp Göllner founded XALT in 2016 he dedicated himself and XALT to achieving exactly what Container8 is a vital part of. Making IT as simple as possible.

Being able to automate recurring tasks, such as deploying new code to a live system and having a built-in security and compliance system that directly issues a warning of potential hazards frees up resources to be used for important tasks. 

Additionally, Container8 not only focuses on releasing new code fast or achieving a high-speed go-to-market. And therefore focusing on the development aspect of digital product development. Our solution also focuses on the IT operations point of view and helps teams to effectively and securely supply needed infrastructure. Overall, the platform integrates itself seamlessly into your organization's DevOps efforts and also supports your team's favourite tools.

At heart, our self-service platform includes the CALMS Framework for DevOps. Therefore, your efforts in terms of Culture, Automation, Measurement and Lean working principles can be achieved more easily and is also known as CALMS.

Learn more about Container8 and its capabilities here.

Just a couple of months ago, we released our Advanced Image Gallery for Confluence Data Center. If you've been looking for a solution to create beautiful, content savvy pages for your knowledge base and intranet, you can stop looking now. With the latest update, we also introduced photo filters, next to the existing image editing possibilities. These enable you to directly alter the look and feel of your images in confluence without the need for any external tools.

Our Gallery also officially supports our partners' products Linchpin, Scroll Viewport and Refined Wiki to bring even more beauty to your confluence pages and space.    

You can experience the Advanced Image Gallery in action here.

What coming next?

In 2021, we achieved plenty. We built new tools and solutions, released the Container8 platform, acquired the Atlassian Gold Partnership and became AWS Consulting Partner.

For 2022 we are setting big goals. Here's what's next for XALT.

  • Further development of the Container8 DevOps as a Service platform and acquire new partners to implement the platform for new customers.
  • Further development of our existing apps and development of new approaches. And provision of Jira Sync as a stand-alone 3rd party integration for Jira software. 
  • Growth in the DACH region and the US with CPI Solutions.
  • Expansion of TeamXALT in the areas of infrastructure, DevOps, development, sales and marketing, distributed across our locations in Munich, Leipzig, and remote all over the world. 

One more thing

All of our recent growth wouldn't have been possible without the team and our customers. For that, we wanted to say thank you. At the risk of repeating ourselves, being able to work alongside such incredible people from all over the world means so much to us.

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Be part of our team and work on exciting projects and solutions for pressing IT challenges in the areas of Atlassian, DevOps and Cloud technologies.

Atlassian Gold Partner

XALT goes gold - Atlassian Gold Partner

Having Partnered up with Atlassian since the very beginning and founding of XALT we acquired the Atlassian Gold Partner Status earlier this year and won’t stop there. Next goal: Platinum Partner!

But how did we achieve this? Atlassian is one of our most important partners and helps us to grow. Even faster than we expected. The Atlassian tool-set, including Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and more, enables us to help our customers on their path of digitization and their very own vision of the future.

Atlassian you might think; that’s Jira and Confluence. And you’re totally right. But those tools enable you to do much more than just project management and having a communication and collaboration hub at your company.

Jira also helps us to build the digital products our customers love. Confluence is our go-to tool for setting up company wikis, Intranets,help centers and knowledge bases’. All these tools combined enables us to grow faster, create the processes we need to strive, and communicate across company borders.

But that's not all. As a DevOps Champion and solution provider, these tools are an integral part of our workflow.

Want to learn more about XALT and how we work, or even become part of the team?

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