Company wiki with Confluence

Why a company wiki makes sense for your company

Every day, we face new challenges in our jobs, have to learn new skills and tools, and gather necessary information about projects or clients, or ask our colleagues for help. In addition, we use books and the Internet to educate ourselves on important topics. As a result, there is a veritable flood of information, which makes it difficult for us to keep track of everything. This is where a company wiki or company wiki comes in handy.

What is special about a company wiki like Confluence?

With a company wiki based on Confluence, a company can store all important information about meetings, projects, processes or general knowledge directly on a platform and make it accessible to all employees. Surely you know Wikipedia, probably the world's most famous wiki. And now you can store the concentrated knowledge of your company in one place and create a knowledge database. 

Confluence as intranet and basis for communication

Additionally, Confluence can not only be seen as a simple company wiki, but offers the possibility to create your very own Intranet build. Where previously complicated and individual solutions were necessary, today any company of any size can share information internally in the simplest way. With Confluence, any company can easily integrate a system that not only shares information, but also allows teams to collaborate directly on one platform. Already 'out of the box', Confluence offers countless useful tools as a knowledgebase. If these are not sufficient, it can be extended with plugins from the Atlassian Marketplace can be easily extended.

Webinar - Knowledge Management with Confluence your personal company wiki

Providing, organizing and making knowledge usable

Knowledge management with Confluence

What are the benefits of a corporate / enterprise wiki like Confluence?

Documentation of company information in a central location with structure

Store all important information (e.g. strategies, processes, onboarding, team, projects, etc.) in one place and make it available to your team. For example, each department can create an individual space and develop and create a successful structure for documentation. 

In marketing, an individual subpage can be created for each communication area such as product marketing or social media marketing in order to maintain an overview in daily work. 

Integrated search function

With integrated search functions, every employee can quickly find what they are looking for. Even if your company wiki is as large as an entire library, Confluence will quickly provide you with the right information. Additionally, you can tag your pages with important keywords and labels to further fine-tune and simplify the search.

Collaboration and cooperation in the company wiki

Easy collaboration with a company wiki

Simplify collaboration across your teams. Through the integrated comment function, you can directly respond to a section of a page. In addition, Confluence offers the possibility to work together in real time or to brainstorm new ideas. Even if your employees are in a home office or scattered all over the world.

Furthermore, collaboration is centralized through a company wiki. Content can be developed together on one platform and then shared. Countless tools such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint with complicated authorizations are now a thing of the past.

→ Learn more about how you can use Confluence as a knowledge base and wiki here.

Put an end to countless mails, CCs or BCCs

Right now, you're probably getting countless emails and notifications every day and your inbox is almost bursting. With Confluence, this problem has been solved once and for all. Instead of emailing entire conversations and documents, it's now perfectly sufficient to tag relevant collaborators with a simple @-mention. Your inbox contains hardly any internal mails and you keep the overview.

Avoid meetings

There is an update on a Project! Meeting. A customer wants a change? Meeting! Project update? A meeting of course!

Who still has time for their tasks? Why not just write directly in the wiki and document updates directly in the relevant areas in the company wiki or Confluence, instead of always arranging a meeting?

Updating Confluence pages

Add missing information without having to create and upload new documents. Update your wiki pages and make them directly available. This way, every employee is always up to date and can react to new decisions or use information for himself.

Restore old versions

Did you or your team accidentally delete or change something? With the built-in versioning feature, you can easily restore the last version or deleted content or undo changes. 

Document sharing and central folder structures

It can often happen that additional documents are necessary for processes or for documentation. In such a case, important documents can be uploaded, shared and added to individual wiki pages directly with simple drag-and-drop. 

It doesn't matter what file type or format (e.g. PDF, PowerPoint, images or videos) your document is in. Just think how much time you waste looking for the right documents and then not finding them.

Authorization management with Confluence in the company wiki

Protect sensitive data through integrated authorization management

Confluence offers you the possibility to protect sensitive areas and data via permission management. For example, you can set that certain pages can only be opened or edited by certain people. This is especially useful if information is critical to the company and should only be viewed by management positions or department heads, for example. 

Integration of tools and external software

Confluence as a wiki for the accumulation of knowledge has the advantage that you can significantly expand the range of functions with the help of integrations and plugins. For example, if you use Slack or Microsoft Teams for communication in your company, you can connect these tools directly to Confluence. 

The Slack integration with Confluence gives you the advantage of receiving notifications about changes or adjustments to pages you "follow" directly in the app. With the Microsoft Teams integration, you can also create new Confluence pages directly from the app.

Besides integrations to simplify communication, there are extensions to services like Google Drive and Project management tools like Jira or Asana.

→ Here you will learn how to organise, structure and make knowledge usable.

Optimal use of company wiki

You probably think the functions are quite nice and offer great added value. And the team has to use it first and the company wiki has to be filled. And of course we agree with you completely.

Therefore, it is essential to first create the necessary structures and to convince your employees of the new way of working. Transparency, honesty and trust are some of the most important factors here, so that a move to a knowledge database also succeeds. In addition, all decision-makers, such as management and executives, should of course use such a tool openly and communicate this. This makes it easier for all other employees to deal with it consistently and to use a strong tool like Confluence with joy. 

Webinar - Knowledge Management with Confluence your personal company wiki

Providing, organizing and making knowledge usable

Knowledge management with Confluence