Atlassian / Refined Success story

Dynamic redesign of the EEX Intranet with Refined

Hard facts of the project

Products used

Confluence – Data Center, Refined for Confluence / Sites & ThemesRefined Toolkit for Confluence, other plugins from the Marketplace (e.g. Word-Exporter, Content Scheduler), Advanced Image Gallery for Confluence.

Solution and Methology

Migration to a new intranet platform, joint evaluation of apps, user authorization management, corporate branding, introduction and workshops for editorial use

About our Partner

About EEX

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) is part of the EEX Group, a global group of diverse companies and trading participants that serve the international raw material markets. EEX is the world's leading exchange for trading in energy and energy-related products.

In this context, EEX develops, operates and connects transparent markets for energy and offers trading in power, gas, freight, agricultural products and emission allowances.

Intranet Migration inside of two weeks

Confluence offers a suitable foundation to build a internal company intranet as well as a digital collaboration solution Companies that already use Confluence also have the opportunity to quickly create a new, high-quality intranet in their existing system. Against this background, the EEX Group contacted XALT at the beginning of February 2020, and asked about a Intranet solution completely in Confluence By the end of February / beginning of March, inside of only 2.5 weeks,a migration and replacement of the old intranet to the new environment could be accomplished.

Atlassian's software - primarily Jira and Confluence - had been in use internally at EEX for a long time and in various areas. Until the technical migration was implemented, EEX used its own company intranet based on Liveray.

Challenge 1 – There is a challenge in an intranet for a large enterprise to organize and make accessible to the users the enormous amount of content.

Solution 1 – With the help of the built-in organizational and structural capabilities of Refined for Confluence, content could be structured quickly and easily using a mega menu and individual spaces (see image). This allows more content to be created and exchanged on the intranet without it being lost or no longer being found. The structure of the intranet can also be adapted very easily via drag-and-drop.

Challenge 2 A solution should be created which reflects the corporate culture of EEX, is in line with corporate values and adheres to corporate design.

Solution 2 – The integrated theme editor and the layout function of Refined for Confluence were used to create a modern and beautiful interface in line with the corporate design. In addition to the style and the colors, themes can be created, which can be applied individually and flexibly to areas, categories or individual pages. In the case of EEX, a global theme was created in line with the corporate identity and applied to all areas.

Challenge 3 – Another challenge was to design the intranet in a collaborative manner, so that the content of users and smaller teams can be accessed and changed at the same time.

Solution 3 – The aspect of cooperation, which is important for EEX, was implemented using the new social intranet. For example, the marketing team was given the opportunity to jointly compose, edit and publish their content via blog and news posts. Areas are planned for teams and projects in the future, the content of which will be maintained by the group editors, which will lead to more efficient work. Cross-team collaboration will be created through community and event pages.

Accompanying step-by-step implementation and additional benefit

In the first step, the global structure, the individual areas and an attractive layout were created in consultation with the marketing team. Once the basic structure of the new intranet was in place, work began on migrating the existing content to the new system. In the last step, an authorization concept for user management was created together. Throughout the entire implementation process, we have committed to providing EEX with advice and helping to identify the necessary steps for the best possible result.

For the EEX Group project, it turned out that the ideal platform is a combination of wiki and (social) intranet. Thanks to the experience from previous projects, we knew how Confluence and Refined had to be merged in the best possible way to create the new intranet. We were also aware that mixing wikis and social intranets can often be unstructured and confusing. Thanks to the functions of Refined for Confluence and the company's own technical know-how, it was still possible to find an excellent solution with a modern look and easy handling.

The following apps – among others – are packaged in the solution:

The EEX Group works today with a highly efficient collaboration platform based on Confluence and Refined for approximately 700 employees 

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