Glad you made it to Team24 in Las Vegas


Meet us for a refreshing drink away from the hustle and bustle of the conference, and let’s chat about Atlassian!

Meet TEAM XALT to for a refreshing drink in Vegas!

Who from our team have you already had the pleasure of meeting, or who would you like to meet from TEAM XALT? Let’s connect

Susanne Eisenhut

Strategic Marketing, Branding

Why I'm at Team '23

To learn the latest News from Atlassian, network and get inspiration on future trends.



Philip Kroos

Atlassian Consulting

Why I'm at Team '23

To network with like-minded professionals and discover talented individuals who share our passion for technology.


Knowledge management, Marketing

Philipp Göllner

Founder & CEO 

Why I'm at Team '23

Network with peers and experience the newest developments in the Atlassian Eco System.


DevSecOps, Atlassian tools

Christian Beil

Atlassian Consultant

Why I'm at Team '23

Identify new opportunities and talk about possibilities to work with the amazing Team XALT.


Creating stories about digital products

Tobias Koch

Atlassian Consulting

Why I'm at Team '23

To network with our partners, take part in engaging activities and stay well-informed on the latest updates.


Digitizing business processes

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Whether you’re ready to roll the dice and meet us in Las Vegas or not, if you’re interested in learning more about TEAM XALT, don’t be shy! Reach out to us anytime

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Your project co-pilot

Transform your business. DevOps and Atlassian Consulting

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