DevOps Assessment Checklist

Analyse the State of DevOps in your company with our free Checklist

The journey to DevOps can be challenging. On the technical side, you may have made significant progress, but cultural obstacles remain. Our free assessment will enable you to gauge your progress.

Experts at XALT who have been involved with DevOps for decades have developed this DevOps assessment checklist. Our consultants have conducted multiple assessments throughout every industry, so their expertise will be utilized in the questions you answer. Use their advice to maximize your results.
DevOps Assessment
DevOps Assessment – What to expect and how it works
DevOps Assessment Questions

1. Answer the questions

You'll be presented with a set of statements, to which you're asked to rate between four options, from 0 "We do not do this", to 5 "This is done/implemented throughout the organization". The statements cover a range of themes across culture, processes, security and structure.

2. Calculate the results of each section

Based on the ratings you submitted, you will be able to determine the DevOps maturity stage of each section in your enterprise. This assessment will provide you with a detailed report on your organization's DevOps capabilities and maturity.

DevOps Assessment Measures

3. Measures to take to improve DevOps maturity

The assessment examines the effectiveness of your DevOps efforts in delivering value to your organization. Further, it will offer a set of measures you can implement to improve your DevOps efforts.

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