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Learn more about Jira’s extensive workflow capabilities to simplify your project management and automate project proceedings. Measure performance, report effectively, and get insights.

Jira recruiting tool

Creating and configuring workflows

Use the simplified Jira UI to easily create and edit complex workflows with a few clicks. Users are able to integrate external elements and tools on workflow transitions.

Generating audit trail

The auditing feature tracks key activities in Jira products. These activities are recorded in an audit log that can be viewed in the Jira administration console. This can be a handy tool in helping you diagnose problems in Jira projects.

Additional workflow functionalities

Teams are able to plan, track, and release with Jira workflows designed to fit every initiative or project.

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Portfolio Management

Use Jira for Portfolio Planningto provide multiple types of views in your system. Obtain a complete business-level overview of your portfolios as well as planned and actual costs. 

Business intelligence reports

With Jira, you are able to make faster, better-informed decisions about your agile teams, programs and portfolios. Analyze and display your content with reports, dashboards and charts.

Invoicing and billing

Use Jira and other Atlassian Tools to create an automated billing and invoicing process. Create a Confluence Page from a Jira Ticket and easily export it as an invoice.

Project budget and cost management

Jira can work as a useful budget management solution with issue work logs. Monitor a project’s budget, get insights into the budget plan with expenses and additional costs.

Advantages of using Jira Workflows for Project Management

With the Kanban workflow and boards, it is possible to use Jira as an effective project management tool. Considering the possibilities, Jira offers a powerful solution for agile project management, with countless benefits.


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