Background to our choice of location

Testimonial - Invest Region Leipzig

About the history of XALT

Our company was founded in 2016 by Philipp Göllner as an external innovator for software teams. Since then, we have developed into a fast-growing IT innovation partner. In the first few years, we were already able to help numerous companies and institutions implement cloud/DevOps methodologies, develop further in the Atlassian Partner Program to "Gold Solution Partner" status, and expand to a company size with multiple locations and a diverse team grow.

Our Mission it is, Making IT projects easy for our customersand to support them in the introduction and development of cooperation and IT solutions. This includes the implementation of agile models, the introduction of container technologies and DevOps methods and tools management, as well as support for DevOps entry. We also offer support in the introduction of cloud solutions, in the migration and replacement of legacy systems and in the digitalization of business processes. For the realization of our projects, we use open source software, Atlassian solutions, Docker and AWS.

As Atlassian Gold Solution Partner we offer consulting services and support on topics related to Atlassian. This includes consulting on the introduction and replacement of IT service management solutions and intranet systems with Atlassian, process automation, license and authorization management for Atlassian tools, and evaluation of apps in the Atlassian Marketplace. In addition to app evaluation, we also distribute custom plugins in the Marketplace and take on the creation of custom plugins. Based on our many years of expertise, we can offer our customers consulting services, workshops and training on the topics of task and knowledge management, team collaboration as well as on technical topics such as a DevOps 101 workshop. Our customers include European Energy Exchange AG, Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte, Fath GmbH, Deutscher Alpenverein e.V., estos GmbH and the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bayerns.

Background to the selection of the Hypezig site

One of the main reasons for the choice of location was the already existing contact to the key account EEX (European Energy Exchange) , with whom we have been able to successfully implement several projects since the end of 2019. After our very pleasant experience working with EEX, the decision was made to expand our business to Leipzig and the surrounding area, making us a reliable partner for Atlassian and DevOps consulting. An additional reason for the opening of a new location is our Partnership to codecentric is. For optimal use of the office space, to promote mutual exchange and to take advantage of further synergy effects, we decided to share an office with codecentric. With locations in Erfurt and Berlin, codecentric was also already based in the surrounding area.


Leipzig is a hip city with a high quality of life and a high recreational value. Together with our colleagues, customers and partners, we have the opportunity to take advantage of numerous cultural and leisure activities in the city.

- Tobias Koch, Atlassian Consultant

From our point of view much potential for our industry in the fast growing region. Being based in Leipzig gives us better access to potential customers located in the city and the region, as well as contacts in the distinct start-up scene. Through the research and education landscape with a growing number of students in the fields of computer science or media informatics, we continue to have access to highly qualified ICT professionals who are available on the job market.

Our office is located in one of the hippest districts of Leipzig: South Suburb. The district S√ľdvorstadt is perfect to go out for dinner, to enjoy a beer in the evening as well as to enjoy the green side of the city, like the Leipzig lake district.

Support services of Invest Region Leipzig

The Invest Region Leipzig provided us with decisive support in our search for a location. From our point of view, it was fantastic to be officially welcomed as a new applicant. We were also given excellent support, important contacts with other companies and the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce with whom we could exchange ideas, and an interesting introduction to the city of Leipzig.


The city of Leipzig convinces me in several respects: It is an attractive, young and, above all, growing city with a creative start-up scene. These developments correspond to our ideas of a dynamic environment in which we want to prosper and realise our innovative visions.

- Philipp Göllner, CEO / Founder

local office

Our spacious and modernized office in the S√ľdvorstadt district - with an attractive Gr√ľnderzeit flair. We share the office space in a loving partnership with codecentric.