Atlassian / k15t Success story

Creation of a dynamic knowledgebase with help center function based on Confluence and Scroll Viewport 

Hard facts of the project

Products used

Confluence ‚Äď Data Center, Scroll Viewport, Scroll PDF Exporter, Scroll Word Exporter, LMS for Confluence - Courses & Quizzes,¬†other plugins from the Atlassian Marketplace

Solution and Methology

Joint creation of a knowledge base, built with Confluence and Scroll Viewport, evaluation of apps, user authorization management, corporate branding, introduction and workshops on editorial use

About our partners

About DAV

The (Deutsche Alpenverein e.V., DAV for short) is the largest mountaineering association in the world and, with 1,351,247 members in 358 independent sections, one of the most important sports and nature conservation associations in Germany." with 1,351,247 members in 358 independent sections one of the most important sports and nature conservation associations in Germany.  

The DAV's tasks include the protection of the habitat of numerous animal and plant species as well as the operation and maintenance of 321 public mountain cabins, 20,400 overnight accommodations and around 30,000 kilometers of hiking trails. 18,000 volunteer instructors are also involved in a varied program of courses with 165,000 offers annually from various types of mountain sports.

Creation of a Knowledgebase and Helpcenter - DAV360 Help & Knowledge

This success story explains with the help of a practical example how Confluence and the plugin Scroll Viewport by K15t can be used to create a dynamic and easily editable website.

If you compare an internal company Confluence with a classic homepage/website, there are fundamental differences. Confluence pages or articles are edited on a daily basis, while a homepage is edited less frequently because it's usually less accessible. However, there are probably more people who visit the corporate website daily than the individual Confluence pages. Other differences between websites and Confluence can be found in the web layout and URLs.

The Customer Success Story with DAV described here starts at the intersection of easily editable Confluence pages and layout-friendly HTML websites. The DAV has decided to provide its numerous users from the individual sections with a uniform knowledgebase as well as a help center for the documentation of work steps and processes as well as support for employee queries. 

The main goal of the project was to Advantages combine the advantages of Confluence and Websites and thus to create a knowledgebase with extensive content on all topics of the DAV, which can be edited as fast and dynamically as Confluence, yet still attracts as many visitors as a normal homepage.

Aided by Scroll Viewport, our team, together with the DAV team, designed a well laid out website in a very short time. At the same time, we managed to clearly display content from Confluence as a knowledgebase. The plugin provides a clear separation between the content in Confluence and the presentation of an appealing web-layout. on an appealing web layout.

Team XALT accompanied the editorial team of the DAV step by step and provided consulting services for the implementation of the visual presentation. In order to maximize the user experience and performance of the users and editors, the progress and structure of the knowledgebase was discussed, documented and updated in weekly meetings.

In order to simplify the editorial use of the Knowledgebase, our team set up, among other things, customized page templates as well as a detailed editorial guideline, which gave the DAV team an overview of the individual work steps as well as the plugins used. The creation of a website with Scroll Viewport also offers additional advantages, which are listed here:

As a supplement to the knowledgebase, a help center with the name DAV360-Hilfe was set up. The Confluence documentation was published as a layouted help center with its own domain. 

For Users have the option of searching for and filtering out relevant content on specific topics via a clear interface and easy-to-use navigation. Furthermore, a support ticket for the IT team can be created easily.

Knowledge testing with the help of learning paths and quizzes

In combination with the Knowledgebase and the Helpcenter, the DAV requested the possibility of implementing a knowledge check. On the one hand, it should be possible to work through content grouped into individual courses, and on the other hand, users should have the opportunity to test their knowledge via quizzes. individual courses The best option to fulfil these requirements in harmony with the Scroll Viewport was the plugin ¬†<a style="color: #50cbb3; text-decoration: underline;" was the plugin LMS for Confluence - Courses & Quizzes by Stiltsoft. have the opportunity to query and test their knowledge via quizzes. The best way to meet these requirements in line with the Scroll Viewport implement the plugin LMS for Confluence - Courses & Quizzes from Stiltsoft.

With the extensive functions of the Courses & Quizzes plugin, it was possible to create a clear and easy-to-use course system in DAV branding, building on the already created knowledgebase.

The individual courses can be populated with various content, such as knowledgebase articles, videos or created quizzes. These courses can be found in the learning portal created for this purpose, which can be accessed without detours directly via the knowledgebase. Users can find assigned courses and training courses here, start them and continue later as desired.

Other advantages include the assignment of courses to people without Confluence accounts and the detailed view of users' progress in reports.

Similar advantages arise for the creation of the quizzes. After completing a quiz, the individually answered questions can be checked for correctness. For correctly answered questions there is a short explanation why this answer is right, for wrong answers the solution can be found by following the linked articles.

Furthermore, there are many possibilities for editors to design quizzes:

For optimal editorial use of the platforms, several workshops on the use and editing of the knowledgebase and the advanced functions, such as courses and quizzes, were held to accompany the project. 

After completion of the project, the DAV now has a collaborative and dynamic knowledgebase platform as well as a clearly arranged help center, which can be used by the members of the individual sections as a reference or as a basis of information for training courses.

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