Atlassian / k15t success story

Customer service and support portal with Confluence and Scroll Viewport

Hard facts of the project

Products used

Confluence, Scroll Viewport, Scroll Versions, Scroll Translations

Solution and Methology

Creation of a support portal based on Confluence and Scroll Viewport, evaluation of apps, use of authorization management and editor concept, corporate branding for estos, introduction and workshops on editorial use

About our partners

About estos

estos GmbH is an independent software manufacturer founded in Starnberg, Germany, with a focus on the development of fast and uncomplicated communication software for use in companies. 

Since the beginning in 1997, estos has succeeded in continuously presenting products in an extremely dynamic market, which are now used daily by more than one million users in various companies.

As a provider of software products, estos is confronted with a high volume of support requests. In order to to keep the organisational effort within limitsthe customers, but at the same time to be able to deliver excellent support, a Support Portal set up for the users of their software. 

Compared to the website, the support portal based on Atlassian Confluence is updated several times a day with new information on the use of the software. It offers the user not only as a support platform but also as a knowledgebase, access to important information, resources and documents. 

The content is managed directly in the same tool as the internal development and can therefore be moved from the internal to the external area without media breaks. Through the support portal, users have the possibility of Independently acquire guidance, best practices, and workarounds independent of location or others.

With the help of the support portal, many inquiries could thus be answered in advance before they even reach the support hotline or the ticket system of estos. In the ticket system, the content is offered again in the ticket creation process in order to answer further inquiries by integrating the content as a knowledgebase. 

Because nothing is more frustrating than receiving a standard response to a support request. This is what the portal tries to do by Machine Learning to be made available in advance. The conception of the portal as well as the configuration of the layout was implemented by estos and XALT using a custom theme developed especially for estos based on the K15t Help Center Theme.en

Besides the custom theme, other custom configurations made by our team in consultation with estos. This includes, among other things, a specific start page, individual page headers and footers, an announcement banner for important news, as well as a categorization of the content via labels and categories, such as installation, commissioning, or similar. The latter function serves as support for content maintenance and makes the editors' work easier. 

To improve the search function, the filtering options of the search bar have also been improved, allowing the knowledge base to provide users with more precise results.

Additional functions and benefits

The implementation with Scroll Viewport facilitates and improves the navigation between the individual documentation articles. This provides users with an easier and faster way to find content in the portal. This in turn increases the satisfaction of customers and users of the software. 

By using a support portal, estos was able to create numerous advantages for itself and its users. The workload of the company's own employees is reduced and they have more time to focus on serious problems. Furthermore, there is a noticeable reduction in the effort and costs involved in communicating with customers.

The Support Center also offers estos the following other advantages:

In addition to Scroll Viewport Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations two additional plugins from k15t have been integrated into the support portal by our team, which allow a multilingual and version-based maintenance of the articles and contents.

The estos Support Portal is publicly accessible and can be found at the following link: - Take a look around and see what your own Help Center could look like!

development opportunities

Through the use of Confluence there are extensive possibilities to further expand the portal. Individual functions can be integrated, new layout options can be created or additional tools and software can be connected to the Support Portal. As an additional service, our team offered a further elaboration of the layout of the support portal as well as the estos website.

On the one hand, for the website  presented two design proposals with light and dark mode. On the other hand, our team provided a proposal for the layout of the support portal.

Especially for support portals, an appealing design is important to give customers the feeling of being professionally supported. 

The new design can be implemented based on the previous solution with Confluence and Scroll Viewport and gives the support portal a modern and elegant look. XALT supports estos in the creation and implementation of this new design.

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