Container8 - The all-in-one DevOps as a Service platform

Container8 - The all-in-one DevSecOps as a Service Platform

Bring digital products to market faster

Container8 is an unblocking, low dependency, and highly automated DevSecOps as a Service Platform, integrating your existing tools or providing a managed industry standard toolset to make DevSecOps easy.

By enabling software teams to release faster, more often, and autonomously, teams can greatly reduce the complexity of a self-managed DevSecOps Platform.

Container8 provides real value with best practices and a great onboarding experience and usability for automation, security, transparency, and collaboration in a psychological safe environment.

Container8 - Platform Engineering and DevOps as a Service Platform
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Container8 is the easiest way for enterprise software teams to...

Release more often

Safe valuable time at your next release by using a fully automated and customized product pipeline to your advantage.

Fast MTTR and low complexity small releases reduce the risk in your product pipeline.

Keep a complex microservice environment secure

Reduce costs of your managed toolchains with the included, proactive tool maintenance and on-demand support.

Bring different departments together

Easily bring teams of different departments together and collaborate on software releases by automating recurring tasks and workflows.

Enable real agility, delivering constant results in large complex environments.

DevSecOps as a Service - The core features

A DevSecOps self-service platform providing everything a developer needs to work autonomously.

Flexible toolchain

We provide preconfigured toolchains that can be used directly out of the box. If you already have something in place, Container8 also supports integrating your existing toolset.

Container8 Academy

We help developers up to speed with the latest DevSecOps technologies and provide documentation and onboarding materials to work with your specific cloud environment.

Everything as Code

Infrastructure as Code, Configuration as Code, Documentation as Code and ready to use automation templates for blue-green deployments.

AWS Landing Zone

Yandex, Azure, Alibaba coming soon.
Learn more about AWS Landing Zone

developer self-service

A Self-Service that enables software teams to work autonomously with automatic documentation and support for security and compliance processes in mind.

Develop fast, Stay secure

Find and easily fix vulnerabilities in your code, open source dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code with industry-leading security intelligence.

How teams are using Container8

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Container8 helps you stay focused on what matters most - building the product your users love

Release software, updates, and fixes as soon as they're ready

Safe valuable time at your next big release by using your fully automated and customized product pipeline to your advantage and achieve an unprecedented time to market.

In digital product development, releasing your software to the market as fast as possible has never been more important. 

Customer satisfaction and user experience are vital to achieve your business goals and meet today's standards.

Container8 enables you to develop, test, and deploy with ease by using a high-performance tool chain that's always available, up-to-date, and easy to use.

A Self Service Interface for your teams

Container8 provides Self Service interfaces for every possible task including creating an AWS account, requesting a new EKS cluster, or deploying many more services which have security and compliance built-in. 

The DevSecOps as a Service Platform focuses on the flow through the entire value stream. It means empowering teams to work autonomously and independently to deliver business value based on users' feedback fast.

Container 8 DevOps Self Service Platform
Safe Costs through devops within up to 6 months

Maximize your business performance by reducing maintenance and tool costs

Our highly automated DevSecOps platform comes as a managed service that includes proactive tool maintenance and on-demand support.

We identify hidden costs of running internally managed toolchains and the amount you save by implementing our fully managed service.

We evaluate your hidden costs by analyzing revenue, software and infrastructure personnel, performance, downtimes of tools and infrastructure and your time to recovery.

Achieve your break-even within up to 6 months after implementation of Container8.

Save valuable time by automating recurring tasks

Container8 as part of CALMS: Culture - Automation - Lean - Measurement - Sharing

Container8 helps you to automate repetitive tasks and processes and creates reliable systems to your advantage. It integrates itself without friction into your existing DevOps Culture and the CALMS model. 

You can save up to 66 hours per Developer per Year when using automations in your development teams.

And that's just the developers. Not counting the teams in infrastructure and operations.

Learn more about CALMS

Container8 - CALMS DevOps Framework
Container 8 - CALMS Maximize business performance

Measure your success

The platform enables you to measure and analyze important data of your running DevOps organization. And simplifies your efforts to improve your processes, best practices and DevOps culture. 

Container8 simplifies the way you collect and analyze data.

  • How long does it take from development to deployment?
  • How often do bugs or errors occur in the software?
  • What is the MMTR (mean time to recovery) of critical system errors?
  • How many users report bugs or errors?
  • How often are updates etc. released?

Keep your user happy by reducing downtimes to a minimum and maximizing security

Your IT Cloud infrastructure is constantly monitored for downtimes, system failures and malfunctioning bad code.

A fully integrated security system scan enables your team to constantly and automatically check new code for issues and possible security impacts. You'll automatically get a notification when new releases are not secure and can lead to system failures.

Minimize downtimes by integrating an additional automated security scan for new software releases to the cloud.

Automatically fallback to a working system using backups and blue-green deployments.

Reduce downtimes and maximize security


Use your favorite tools

Straight out of the box and always ready at the palm of your hands.

Supported tools by Container 8

Container8 supports over 30+ of your favorite tools (incl. Jira, Confluence, Git or Slack). No matter what tools you use in your workflow, continue using the tools you trust and love. 

You're using Slack or Microsoft Teams for communication between teams, or AWS as your go-to cloud infrastructure? Container8 integrates all of them, transition free.

Supported tools by Container 8

Container8 Services

Maintenance & Support

Our support includes the full platform life-cycle, from the initial design phase, platform setup to ongoing platform operation, development, and improvement.

Managed CI / CD

Smooth out your ongoing releases with continuous delivery and integration. Free up your people, save up to 50% tooling costs and stay secure with our integrated security scan.

Pen tested and compliant Container as a Service

We maintain the most common used DevSecOps tools as public Docker containers.

We maintain the most common used DevSecOps tools as public Docker containers.

Container8 enables you to build a software production line that rapidly turns ideas into reality. We're helping you to clear-out roadblocks on your way to success.

Container8 - The automation for your DevOps Culture and security you need

Ship products faster with Container8 today

Container8 is the easiest way for product teams to release their software to the cloud - and boost user experience.

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