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Senior DevOps Engineer

At XALT, you'll work in small and highly specialized teams where we're all on fire for the latest trends in the IT world and love to just talk tech of all kinds. Find out more about how we work at XALT here.

What you can expect:

n our various projects we solve the most interesting infrastructure problems and current challenges in GitOps, IaC, CaC etc. We are building our positions around your person, the following topics are waiting for you: 

  • Everything as Code (IaC, CaC...)
    • You work with tools like Terraform, HELM, Ansible
  • Full stack DevOps
    • You conceive infrastructure solutions and design workflows for us and our customers
    • You build Infrastructure as Code modules for deployments
    • You build pipelines for automated roll-outs
    • You develop frontends to use our solutions
  • GitOps at it's core
  • Infrastructure / workflow design
    • You design and automate workflows 
    • You develop cloud infrastructures for different environments
  • Automate everything
  • Everything Cloud-native
  • You monitor all aspects of our solutions, from security to usability, from Docker containers to our Terraform modules
  • As part of an agile team, you ensure that Team XALT and our customers are always aware of all operational and infrastructural requirements and challenges of software distribution.
  • You will be directly involved with your team in the development and testing of deployment pipelines, automated infrastructure provisioning, and infrastructure support 
  • You will work with practices like Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Delivery (CD), Test Driven Development (TDD) and pair programming
  • You support your team as well as our customers with agile best practices
  • You have the opportunity to advance your career and collaborate directly with AWS experts.
  • You can always benefit from the ideas and experience of a well-coordinated, passionate team

What you bring to the role:

  • You are hands-on and passionate about  building secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure and know how to communicate effectively within your team
  • You are familiar with Infrastructure tools , container technology (Docker), public cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure), configuration and deployment management (Terraform, Ansible), continuous delivery infrastructure (e.g. Jenkins) and orchestration (Kubernetes, OpenStack)
  • You have a Consulting Mindset and love to stay up to date on the latest technologies,  promote knowledge sharing and close collaboration
  • Ideally, you have already gained experience in agile teams and pair programming
  • You speak business fluent German and English

What you can look forward to:

  • Permanent employment contract with long-term prospects in a future-oriented and international company, flexible working hours, and remote work options.
  • Possibility to work both full time and part time
  • Flexible working hours and remote work - customize your schedule and work when and where you want
  • Continuing education opportunities (e.g., Udemy, conferences, courses, etc.) and financial support for certifications (e.g., Atlassian ACP-100, ACP-400, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, and more).
  • Self-determined work and creative freedom, as well as the budget to try out new things
  • We'll provide the technical equipment you want (MacBook, Linux notebook or Windows PC)
  • Our team! Experience our creative and agile startup flair at numerous team events, after-work events, in our offices in Leipzig and Munich or in our virtual team meetings.
  • If you start feeling cooped up working remotely, remember that our offices are filled with friendly colleagues, delicious coffee, and a variety of refreshing drinks to keep you energized.
  • It's also important to us to always stick together and care about you as a person. We want to grow together with you as a company and at the same time promote your personal and professional development.

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Get to know us

That's what you can look forward to with us:

Self-initiated carreer

We build jobs around your strengths and interests rather than forcing you into a role

Team Events

In addition to regular team events, we get together spontaneously in our offices in Leipzig or Munich.

Flexible & remote working

Choose your work location and arrange your working hours independently, we trust you.

Choose your equipment

Whether MacBook, iPhone or Windows or Android - it is important to us that you feel comfortable with the hardware.


We help you get certifications from Atlassian, AWS, Azure, etc. that will also help you get ahead

Open communication

We always offer you an open ear for your questions, ideas and impulses and put transparency first.


You can play a leading role in our company and grow together with us.

XALT <3 Tech

Use the tools and technologies you know and love. We are always happy to hear about specialists in new technologies (e.g. AI?)

Your contact person

Still have questions?

Not sure whether the role is a good fit? If you have any questions about the position or about us, please feel free to contact us.

Julia Eulenberger

August-Bebel-Strasse 41, 04275 Leipzig

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