Junior / Senior DevOps Engineer (m/f/d)


What you can expect:

At XALT you will work with small and highly specialized teams, in which we love to talk about everything that’s going on in IT and tech. In our diverse projects, we work with the most interesting infrastructure problems and current challenges in GitOps, IaC, CaC etc.
We build our positions around you as a person, the following topics are waiting for you:
  • Everything as Code (IaC, CaC...)
    • Work with tools like Terraform, HELM, Ansible
  • Full stack DevOps
    • Design Infrastructure and workflows for us and our customers
    • Build Infrastructure as Code modules for deployments
    • Build Pipelines for automatic roll-outs
    • Build Front-ends to utilize our solutions
  • GitOps at it's core
  • Infrastructure / workflow design
    • Design workflows with automation at it’s core 
    • Design Cloud Infrastructure for different clouds
  • Automate everything
  • Everything Cloud-native
  • Monitor every Part of our solutions, from security to usability, from our docker containers to our Terraform modules
  • As part of an agile team, you will ensure that Team XALT and the client are aware of operational and infrastructure requirements and challenges for software delivery
  • You are directly involved in building and testing deployment pipelines, automated provisioning infrastructure and infrastructure support services together with your colleagues 
  • You will work with practices like Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Delivery (CD), Test Driven Development (TDD) and pair programming
  • You support your team as well as our customers with agile best practices
  • You have the opportunity to advance your career and collaborate directly with AWS experts.
  • You will benefit from sharing ideas and experiences with a passionate team

What you bring to the table:

  • You are hands-on and passionate about  building secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure and know how to communicate effectively within your team
  • You are familiar with Infrastructure tools like container technology (Docker), public cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure), configuration and deployment management (Terraform, Ansible), continuous delivery infrastructure (e.g. Jenkins) and orchestration (Kubernetes, OpenStack)
  • You have a Consulting Mindset and love to stay up to date on the latest technologies,  promote knowledge sharing and close collaboration
  • Experience working with Agile and pair programming is desirable

That's what we offer you:

  • We avoid weekend work with zero downtime deployments, blue-green deployments or canary releases 
  • Be part of shaping a company in rapid growth and grow in a creative working environment with short decision-making processes.  
  • Experience the Munich, Leipzig startup flair with us at team events, in beer gardens, on boat trips and much more! (After Covid of course)
  • Creative spaces – in our offices in Munich there is enough space to be creative. Also, there are goodies like free coffee, mate, fruit, shared lunches and after-work beers.
  • Beef up your workspace – Get your desired notebook (MacBook, Windows or Linux) from us, or „bring your own device“.
  • XALT (heart) tech – use the tools and technologies you know and like (e.g. Atlassian products, Miro, Adobe, Zoom, Slack, Linux, MAC OS, Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, Java, etc.)
  • Be flexible - work when you have energy, not when the clock dictates it
  • No working like a robot on an assembly line  – we always rely on new impulses and ideas, both with our customers and with internal projects.
  • Show us what you can do: You'll work in a dynamic, agile, non-hierarchical environment where talent is valued more than job titles or certifications
  • Hierarchies? No way! With us there are short communication channels and an open ear for your ideas at any time
  • Team XALT: there’s no place like home – It’s also important to us to always stick together and take care of you as a person. This is exactly what we will help you with, we want to grow as a company and at the same time promote your personal and professional development.

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