Digitization of business processes with Atlassian

Digitize your manufacturing process with Atlassian and digitally engage your customers, service providers and partners; for seamless collaboration.

Process digitization with Jira

The corporate world goes digital

Modern working methods, workflows and the global orientation of your company often mean that processes can only be carried out slowly. In addition, compliance regulations determine the degree of digitization in your company and mean that certain process steps, such as signing documents or handovers, can only be carried out manually. 

As specialists in industry-focused digitization solutions, we work closely with you to optimize your manufacturing processes and integrate all stakeholders - customers, service providers and partners - efficiently and seamlessly. Through our expertise in Atlassian products, we enable a digital environment that fosters real-time collaboration and future-proofs your business.

Impact on the value chain along the customer journey

Nowadays, digital and automated business processes are indispensable. They often have a direct impact on entire Value chain of your business and influence the customer experience of the entire Customer Journey. Lean and digital processes enable your company to sustainably increase the performance of individual departments and, through the automation of repetitive tasks Save time.

Time saving, safety and minimization of errors

Did you know that employees from legal and finance departments spend 65 % of their time on manual processes? By automating these processes, you can reduce this Reduce time by 30 %. By automating key processes such as contract approvals and invoice payments, you can not only cut costs, but also save valuable time and minimize the likelihood of errors.

Digitized business processes for an improved customer and user experience

Further advantages of digital and automated business processes

Digital transformation, cloud technologies and business process automation are key topics in companies around the world. With the help of new technologies, you can enable your business to work more productively, save resources and provide a better customer experience.

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Case Study: Sales Process Digitization with Jira

How a leading financial services company digitized and automated its sales process with Jira.

Case Study - Sales Process Digitization with Jira

Digital transformation is making its way into a large number of business areas and the digitization of business processes is not a question of necessity, but whether my company can survive on the market in the long term and remain competitive without transformation.

Automation of processes for a performance boost

Along with digitization, there is the possibility to automate processes. By mapping analog processes in workflow or project management tools such as Jira, actions can be created that automatically execute recurring steps or tasks without a user having to deal with them.

Digital business processes with cloud-based workflow management

Workflows form the core for many activities in the company and give your employees a framework for running a process. 

Together with Workflow Management Tools we Jira and Confluence, analog business processes will be digitized and automated. Manual and repetitive tasks are now a thing of the past.

In addition, the use of cloud-based tools makes it possible to work independent of location and time.

Efficient data and file management with digital workflows

Every day, countless data, files and other information are stored in companies and are part of processes or workflows. Through analog methods these files are usually stored in generic storage systems, often without a direct reference to the workflow.

With project management tools like Jira and tools for documentation such as Confluence this information is directly linked to a ticket and thus to a workflow and made available to all stakeholders involved in the cloud. Thanks to the deep integration of Jira with Confluence, every team member knows which tickets or projects belong to which content.

‚Üí Learn how to effectively make know-how available and usable in your company in our webinar.

IT security and system availability as critical factors in the digitalization of business processes

There are often doubts as to whether the use of digital and cloud-based technologies guarantees the security of sensitive company data. Furthermore, the availability or uptime of the systems is crucial for business success.

IT security

Advantages of digital business processes at a glance

Digitization of business processes

Availability independent of location and time

With the help of cloud technologies, it no longer matters where your team is located or when someone is working.

Saving costs through digitization

Cost savings through leaner processes

With a sophisticated workflow, unnecessary and recurring process steps can be avoided.

Transparency for all employees

Transparency towards stakeholders

Involved stakeholders have insight into the process and status at any time and can thus get a picture of the situation.

Save time with the digitalization of business processes

Time saving due to less repetitive tasks

Automations in workflows save your teams valuable time less repetitive tasks.

Success Stories

We have already digitized several processes and workflows for our customers. Learn more about our examples of digitizing the purchasing process and application management.

Digitization of the purchasing process with Jira in the area of banking

In companies, goods and services are purchased on a daily basis and must be released?

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Successful Business Team. Businesswoman Gesturing Thumbs Up Standing With Joyful Employees In Modern Office. Great Deal, Leadership And Teamwork Concept. Selective Focus

Human Resources Applicant Management with Jira

Do you receive hundreds of applications every day? This makes applicant management a breeze.

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Business Intelligence System with Confluence

Business Intelligence System with Confluence

Use Confluence as a cost-effective, easy-to-use, and customized business intelligence tool.

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Digital business processes and automated workflows for more performance and efficiency in the company

Digitize your manufacturing process with Atlassian and digitally engage your customers, service providers and partners; for seamless collaboration.

Automation and digitalization

Our approach

Our approach always follows a similar course, but is always adapted to your needs and your company. 

Requirements analysis for the digitalization of business processes

Requirements analysis

In the first step, we define together with you which Requirements the process must fulfill digitally. Which steps can be automated and how this can be done in Jira. user-friendly can be designed. 

app design

Workflow mapping in Jira

In this step, your process is transferred to Jira in its original structure and visualized in a Kanban Board and configured according to your specifications and compliance guidelines. 

Automation and digitalization


To further accelerate your processes, automations are added to your workflow. For this purpose, we use integrated features as well as plugins and independent programming. 

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Advantages of digital business processes

Advantages of digital business processes

Digital transformation, cloud technologies and business process automation are key topics in companies around the world. Therefore, it is also not surprising that companies are

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